SIGMA’s Leadership Assessment Training

Our Philosophy

We believe that assessment forms a critical foundation for understanding and enhancing leadership performance. Our assessment training programs provide facilitators with the tools they need to understand how SIGMA’s personality and 360 degree feedback assessments can help leaders enhance their self-awareness and understanding of both their strengths and what they need to do differently to achieve their leadership goals.

Our Approach

SIGMA’s Assessment Training is designed to enhance your understanding of how psychometric assessments (including our personality and behavioral 360 assessments in particular) can enhance your leadership coaching, consulting, or HR practice. More generally, our training provides you with the opportunity to become a more informed consumer of leadership assessments.

Our training approach provides the opportunity to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of personality-based and 360 degree feedback assessments and how they can be used to enhance leaders’ understanding of their strengths and developmental priorities and initiate a dialogue designed to motivate behavior change
  • Discover the theoretical foundations that underlie the construction of valid and reliable leadership assessment tools
  • Explore ethical considerations involved with using assessments for leadership selection and/or development
  • Build competence interpreting the results of personality and 360 assessments, both individually and in complement
  • Gain the qualifications needed to administer SIGMA’s B level assessments, including the Leadership Skills Profile – Selection Report

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