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DAPP-BQ Summary

Age: 18+
Time: 35-50 minutes
Uses: research, clinical diagnosis, screening for psychopathology and maladaptive personality, counseling , adult correctional facilities
Test User Qualifications:
  Level C qualifications required
  Hand scoring availableInternet scoring availableWindows software availableFax scoring available
  Available in English Some materials available in French


Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology - Basic Questionnaire

W. John Livesley, M.D., Ph.D. & Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D.

Employs a Dimensional Structure that is Consistent With Current Approaches to Classifications of Personality Disorder

The Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology - Basic Questionnaire (DAPP-BQ) is a revolutionary clinical measure supported by over 15 years of empirical research. It was designed to assess and help treat personality disorders along the full continuum - from mild to extreme trait manifestations. The DAPP-BQ has been translated into several languages and capitalizes on emerging research that supports a dimensional approach to measuring personality pathology. The report provides primary trait scores on 18 scales and delivers specific trait information to assist with clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.


  • Help diagnose and treat personality disorders (Axis II of the DSM-IV)
  • Identify a dimensional profile of personality that can facilitate treatment planning for various psychiatric disorders
  • Research emerging topics in personality and psychopathology


Support for a Dimensional Model

Problems with the current categorical approach to diagnosing Axis II personality disorders suggest the need for an empirically sound and superior method of assessing personality pathology. Clinicians using the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria often encounter mixed diagnoses, loss of information, and lack of clear and adequate coverage. The highly anticipated DAPP-BQ offers an improved dimensional model that has generated a great deal of support from the clinical research community.

Interpretive Power

The DAPP-BQ is a valuable tool for predicting outcomes and selecting interventions. It provides an enhanced understanding of behaviors and symptoms by clarifying defining features of personality disorder to reduce diagnostic overlap. Results not only help clinicians understand, classify, and treat personality disorders, but also facilitate treatment using adaptive personality traits for a balanced approach. Results can also help individuals understand their behavior, link past events, identify recurring patterns, and anticipate problems.

DAPP-BQ Scales

    Affective Lability Anxiousness
    Callousness Cognitive Dysregulation
    Compulsivity Conduct Problems
    Identity Problems Insecure Attachment
    Intimacy Problems Narcissism
    Low Affiliation Restricted Expression
    Oppositionality Self-Harm
    Rejection Submissiveness
    Stimulus Seeking Validity scale

Reliability and Validity

The DAPP-BQ is a reliable and valid measure of personality pathology. Internal consistency reliabilities for the 18 scales range from .85 to .94 (general population sample) and .84 to .95 (clinical sample). Convergent validity has been established with other measures of personality pathology, normal personality, interview ratings, and self-report ratings. Norms are available for both general population (N=2726) and clinical (N=656) samples.

Hand Scoring

Materials required for hand scoring include a manual, one reusable test booklet, one answer sheet, one scoring sheet, and one profile sheet per respondent.

Internet Scoring

The DAPP-BQ is available online through SigmaTesting.Com, our main testing site. SigmaTesting.Com provides our clients with complete control over administration and report handling.

Mail-in Scoring

With mail-in scoring, the answer sheet is mailed to SIGMA, the report is generated by the mail-in scoring service and a copy is either emailed or mailed back to the client according to the preference stated on the account. Materials required for mail-in scoring include the test manual, reusable question booklet, and answer sheet.

Fax-in Scoring

With fax-in scoring, the answer sheet is faxed to SIGMA's toll-free number. Our fax-in scoring system generates the report and a copy is either emailed, mailed, or faxed back to the client according to the preference stated on the account. Materials required for fax-in scoring include the test manual, question booklet, and answer sheet.


Our SigmaSoft DAPP-BQ for Windows software allows you to administer and score the DAPP-BQ directly on your computer. When all items are complete, the system generates the report immediately, which can be saved to your files or printed. This software also makes it easy to input answers or scale scores from paper and pencil administrations. Materials required include the software and coupons for generating the report.


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The DAPP-BQ is available on SigmaTesting.Com, our comprehensive online testing platform.

Free Manual

DAPP Manual Request Form

Click here to fill out a form and receive your FREE ELECTRONIC COPY of the DAPP-BQ manual.


DAPP-BQ on SigmaTesting.Com
Item No. DAPP-ST, 1-9 ... $15.00
Item No. DAPP-ST, 10-24 ... $14.00
Item No. DAPP-ST, 25-99 ... $13.00
Item No. DAPP-ST, 100+ ... $12.00


Sample Report

Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Research References

Research articles about the DAPP-BQ.

Acrobat Reader

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