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ESQ Summary

Age: 16+
Time: 15 minutes
Uses: call center
Test User Qualifications:
  Level A qualifications required
  Internet scoring available Fax scoring available
  Available in English


Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 2003

The Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC) was built specifically for the selection of reliable, productive, committed, customer-service oriented call center personnel. Through 25 years of research conducted by SIGMA and by independent scholars we have refined the questions and personality factors that predict job performance. The ESQ-CC is the most highly evolved assessment of its type, demonstrating twice the validity of traditional, overt personality assessments.


  • Identifies job candidates who are most likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviors.
  • Personality-based measure customized for the call center industry.
  • Unique among such measures in that it is resistant to faking.
  • Measures a number of specific personality characteristics that have been found to be associated with productive, dependable employees.


The ESQ-CC contains 27 sets of four statements. Applicants indicate which of the four statements is most characteristic and which one is least characteristic of him or her. Based on the ESQ, the statements were drawn from two thoroughly researched personality questionnaires: the Personality Research Form (PRF) and the Jackson Personality Inventory Revised (JPI-R). The interpretation of the ESQ statements was then further customized in consultation with SIGMA's call center clients and partners to produce the ESQ-CC. The ESQ-CC hiring reports are based the unique requirements of the call center industry.


The ESQ-CC has shown good internal consistency reliability. Cronbach alpha values for the 15 ESQ scales, based on 163 job applicants, range from .75 to .84 (median = .83). Intercorrelations among the personality scales of the ESQ are sufficiently independent of one another so that each contributes uniquely to the prediction of job-relevant outcomes.


Empirical data from the JPI-R, PRF, and SFPQ are recorded in over 2,500 articles published in scientific journals. Research indicates that the ESQ-CC demonstrates approximately 2 times the predictive validity of traditional assessments (0.38 vs. 0.18). This means companies utilizing it will make better hiring decisions and will enjoy greater profitability. In addition, decades of research indicate that personality as a predictor of job performance exceeds other non-cognitive selection measures in its validity. Better than interviews, references, and educational background.

Fax-in Scoring

After an applicant completes the ESQ-CC, the answer sheet is faxed to SIGMA's toll-free number. Our fax-in scoring system generates the report and the ESQ-CC report is returned in minutes. The materials required for fax-in scoring are ESQ-CC test manual, question booklet and answer sheet.


The Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center can also be completed at SigmaTesting.Com, our exciting online testing platform that allows you instant local and remote testing and administrative access to a full range of tests and test results.


The ESQ-CC is available on SigmaTesting.Com, our comprehensive online testing platform.

Reduce absenteeism, lateness, on-the-job substance abuse, and turnover by identifying high-risk applicants. Identify more applicants like your best employees. Increase customer service and satisfaction levels by selecting employees who are dependable.


Economic Benefits of the ESQ-CC

A review of the benefits of using the ESQ-CC

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