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JVIS Summary

Age: 14+
Time: 45 minutes
Uses: career planning, counseling, high school, college, university, outplacement
Test User Qualifications:
  Level A qualifications required
  Hand scoring available Internet scoring available Mail-in scoring available Windows software available
  Available in English Some materials available in French Some materials available in Spanish


Jackson Vocational Interest Survey

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 1997, 1999

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is a comprehensive, accurate, sex-fair career test that matches each individual's unique set of interests with academic and career fields. It is well suited for people whose career path includes a four year university degree. It is also appropriate for individuals considering a mid-career change.


  • Career and educational counseling for high school, college and university students
  • Career planning for adults, including mid-life career redirection
  • Valuable for corporate restructuring


The JVIS consists of 289 pairs of statements describing professional job related activities. The forced-choice format requires an individual to choose between two equally popular interests.

The JVIS assesses work roles (for example, engineering) and work environment preferences (for example, job stability), as well as measuring potential academic satisfaction. Detailed reports provide links, resources, and industry contacts to help individuals learn more about their highest ranked careers and university majors.

Basic Interest Scales

  • Creative Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Engineering
  • Life Science
  • Social Science
  • Adventure
  • Nature-Agriculture
  • Skilled Trades
  • Personal Service
  • Family Activity
  • Medical Service
  • Dominant Leadership
  • Job Security
  • Stamina
  • Accountability
  • Teaching
  • Social Service
  • Elementary Education
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Office Work
  • Sales
  • Supervision
  • Human Relations Management
  • Law
  • Professional Advising
  • Author-Journalism
  • Academic Achievement
  • Technical Writing
  • Independence
  • Planfulness
  • Interpersonal Confidence

Reliability and Validity

The JVIS manual and several research studies provide strong support for the reliability and validity of this carefully constructed assessment.

Hand Scoring

Hand scoring requires no template and is unusually easy, with a basic interest profile plotted in ten minutes or less. Materials required for hand scoring include a manual, one reusable test booklet, one hand scorable answer sheet and one profile sheet per respondent.

Mail-in Scoring

Two reports are available via the mail-in service. The JVIS Extended Report includes the basic interest profile, a profile for 10 general occupational themes, a profile of similarity to 17 educational major field clusters, a ranking of 32 occupational group clusters, validity scales, an academic satisfaction score and other information. A narrative summary of the 3 highest-ranked educational and occupational clusters is particularly useful. Finally a section entitled "Where to Go From Here" offers information on related career exploration books and activities. The JVIS Basic Report contains the basic interest scales profile and data similar to the Extended Report but with preprinted interpretive information rather than the personalized narrative summaries.


Our SigmaSoft JVIS for Window software allows you to administer and score the JVIS on your computer. The JVIS for Windows software produces three types of reports. The Extended Report is similar to that available from our Mail-in Scoring service. The Basic Report contains all of the profiles found in the Extended Report, but does not provide explanatory text and career information. The Data Report contains the scores found in the Basic Report in a format designed for use by other programs. In addition to the software itself, you will need to purchase enough coupons to pay for each report you wish to produce.

Report Type Coupons Required
Extended 6
Basic 4
Data 2



The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey is available online in two formats. Our main testing site, SigmaTesting.Com, gives the counselor complete control over administration and report handling. The JVIS.Com career site offers a more self-driven approach, with an online report linked to numerous online career resources.


Click here for detailed pricing information.


Administer assessments remotely and manage your clients using JVIS.Com's counselor interface.

JVIS Manual

The JVIS Manual, Second Edition, includes a description of the new norms, additional reliability analyses, descriptions of the computerized reports, and an up-to-date section of research on the JVIS. This new Manual is a valuable resource for any user of the JVIS!

What's New

Updated Job Codes

The JVIS Extended Report, available with our Internet, software and mail-in scoring options, now features updated O*Net job codes, career books, organizations and activities.

JVIS Examination Kit

Kit includes manual (CD-ROM ONLY), 1 JVIS Applications Handbook, 1 JVIS Occupations Guide, 1 machine scorable answer sheet for Extended Report, 1 reusable test booklet, 1 hand scorable answer sheet and 1 profile sheet

Item No. 101 ... $119.00
JVIS Test Manual, 2nd Edition (CD-ROM ONLY)
Item No. 102 ... $25.00


Research References

Research articles about the JVIS

Sample Report

Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Slide Presentation

Enhance your understanding of the JVIS.

Acrobat Reader

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