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PT Summary

Age: 16+
Time: 15 minutes
Uses: juvenile/adult correctional facilities
Test User Qualifications:
  Level B qualifications required
  Hand scoring available
Some materials available in Spanish


Psicologico Texto

Kenneth A. Carlson, Ph.D. © 1987

The Psicologico Texto (PT) is a unique adaptation of the Carlson Psychological Survey (CPS), designed especially for use with the Spanish-literate criminal offender or substance abuser. The PT was written for a Spanish-literate population to take into account cultural and linguistic differences that are commonly overlooked in direct translation.


  • Assessment of individuals charged with and/or convicted of criminal offences.
  • Assessment of a wider range of persons presenting behavioral or substance abuse problems.
  • Research and evaluation of the effects of intervention programs.


Like the CPS, the PT is composed of 50 items with only limited literacy demands. The test format is multiple choice and allows the respondent to mark answers in the test booklet, avoiding the risk of mismatching questions and answers.

Reliability and Validity

The scales and validity check of the PT are similar to those comprising the CPS.

Hand Scoring

The PT can be quickly scored using the special scoring and profile sheets. Materials required include a handbook, as well as a question and answer booklet, a scoring sheet and a profile sheet for each respondent.


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CPS Manual

The CPS Manual presents data from several studies related to the validity of the CPS. Item desirability ratings, faking studies, correlations with the MMPI, use of the CPS with other populations, and the sensitivity of the CPS to treatment effects and differences among various inmate groups are all reported.

PT Handbook
Item No. 602S ... $12.00


Research References

Research articles about the CPS

Acrobat Reader

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