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SRES Summary

Age: 20-65
Time: 25 minutes
Uses: counseling, clinical, educational, research
Test User Qualifications:
  Level B qualifications required
  Hand scoring available
  Available in English


Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale

Lynda A. King, Ph.D. & Daniel W. King, Ph.D. © 1993

The Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale (SRES) was designed to measure attitudes toward the equality of men and women. It contains 95 attitudinal statements that assess gender-based stereotyping by requiring the respondent to make judgments about men and women assuming nontraditional roles. The SRES provides key information about factors that contribute to sexual harassment, gender based discrimination and abuse.


  • Study factors contributing to sexual harassment, abuse or heterosexual violence.
  • Assess gender-based stereotyping and discrimination as these relate to educational, career or job opportunities.
  • Valuable adjunct to the clinical assessment of couples.
  • Excellent classroom tool where gender-role issues are covered.


The SRES can be completed in approximately 25 minutes and requires a 6th to 7th grade reading level. The SRES contains five 19-item scales covering the following domains: Educational Roles, Employment Roles, Marital Roles, Parental Roles, Social-Interpersonal-Heterosexual Roles.

Reliability and Validity

Empirical findings support the psychometric integrity of the SRES. Various estimates of reliability (internal consistency, test-retest, and alternate forms) have been uniformly high. Relationships between SRES scores and scores on other variables, as well as group differences in SRES scores, support convergent, discriminant, and construct validity.

Hand Scoring

The SRES item booklet was designed to facilitate scoring by eliminating the need for a separate response sheet and scoring templates. The respondent circles one of 5 response items (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) for each of the 95 items. A second sheet directly beneath the item and response sheet records responses in numerical form using a carbonless duplication process. The sums of the scores from the question and answer document are then plotted on a separate profile sheet. The SRES can be hand scored in about 5-10 minutes. Materials required include a manual as well as one question/answer document and one profile sheet per respondent.


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SRES Manual

The SRES manual includes information on administration, scoring and interpretation, instrument development, psychometric properties and suggestions for future research using the SRES.

SRES Examination Kit

Kit includes manual (CD-ROM ONLY), 5 Form-B question & answer documents, and 5 profile sheets.

Item No. 4501 ... $70.00
SRES Test Manual (CD-ROM ONLY)
Item No. 4502 ... $25.00


Research References

Research articles about the SRES

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