SIGMA’s Benchmarking Services

Our Philosophy

We believe that leadership roles are unique – different competencies are often required in order for leaders to perform effectively in different positions, functions, and organizations. We believe that leaders and HR decision makers benefit most from assessments that capture these unique, benchmarked competencies.

Our Approach

Our benchmarking approach is designed to customize our leadership selection and development assessments to ensure leaders are being assessed on only those competencies that are most important to their position, function, or organization. SIGMA offers two methods for benchmarking:

Option 1: Leadership Benchmark Questionnaire
  • Client invites subject matter experts (SMEs) who have a good understanding of the competencies required for effective performance in the leadership role to complete a brief questionnaire (approx. 10 minutes or less to complete)
  • SMEs complete online questionnaire in which they assess the relative importance of a number of leadership competencies for successful performance in the organization or role
  • SIGMA generates a benchmark report that highlights average importance ratings on each leadership competency, as well as an agreement index that captures the level of agreement among SMEs about the relative importance of each competency to successful performance in the position
  • The client meets with SMEs and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the results and determine the ideal profile of leadership competencies for the organization or role
Option 2: Mapping onto Competency Framework
  • Client shares competency framework with SIGMA consultants
  • SIGMA consultants map client’s competency framework onto its own leadership competency framework, ensuring comprehensive coverage of critical leadership competencies
  • SIGMA consultants meet with stakeholders to share the results of the mapping exercise and discuss and determine the ideal profile of leadership competencies for the organization or role

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