September 2018

What is the Myers-Briggs?

Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Taken by millions of people annually, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has the following features: Categorizes individuals into groups based on preferences. There are four areas on which individuals are sorted. These four areas interact to produce 16 distinct profiles and each individual is placed into one profile based […]

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August 2018

Which Type of Personality Test is Right For Me?

Which type of personality test do I choose? Typologies vs. Continous Measures Understanding personality can be very important to employers. Research has shown that personality is related to employees’ performance, their tendency to engage in counterproductive workplace behaviors (i.e., theft, lateness), and to how well they fit within the organization’s culture. We know that personality is […]

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June 2018

Gaming & Career Selection

What Video Game Preferences Can Tell Us About Career Selection and Interests Is there a relationship between video game preferences and career selection? Recently, members of SIGMA’s R&D team have become interested in examining whether individuals’ interest in video games is associated with their interest in various types of careers. Our hope is that if we […]

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February 2018

Who Built My Personality Test: Learning about Test Development

Who Built My Personality Test: Learning about Test Development In a previous blog, we wrote about Three Things to Know Before Choosing a Hiring Test.  Today we’ll talk about the importance of having test development information on the theories, samples, and processes used to develop the test. Before buying a personality test, it is important […]

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