Mindfulness is an open and receptive attention to, and awareness of what is occurring in the present moment. Mindfulness can be cultivated through a mindfulness training program.

Read our blog post: A simple mindfulness practice to learn how to practice on your own.

``Enhancing leadership performance, team performance, and employee well-being``

Our Coaching Model

Our mindfulness coaching program is designed to enhance motivation and self-awareness, and build skills and competencies using a mindful, balanced, strength-based approach to development. In addition to building skills on specific competencies, the benefits of our program including enhancing leaders’ ability to focus in the face of increasing demands and distractions, enhancing resilience and well-being, and literally changing the brain to better support the ability to regulate emotions and make better decisions.

Mindful Leadership

Given the fast-paced, distractible environment of current business culture, mindfulness has become an important practice for leaders. Research has emerged indicating a relationship between mindfulness training or practice and leadership performance. Mindfulness can affect leader effectiveness by enhancing leaders’ ability to focus and think clearly under stress; problem solve, plan, and reason; escape the default mode of operating with partial attention; respond in a thoughtful and informed way based on what is happening in the present moment; and connect in a productive way.

Mindful Retreat

A key part of mindfulness is practice. Each season we offer a mindful retreat to re-energize and re-connect to your well-being. Contact mindful@sigmahr.com if you are interested in learning more.

Ruby Nadler, PhD, Research Scientist & Leadership Coach

Ruby has her PhD in cognitive psychology and brings this to expertise to bear on SIGMA's executive coaching practice and programs. She has specific expertise in mindfulness, and uses her training to support leaders to hone critical competencies including judgment and decision making skills, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, work-life integration, and stress reduction.

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Our Mindful Leader coaching, workshops, and retreats have been developed in response to the need for tools that foster resilience and performance in the face of increasing levels of stress and distraction in the workplace.

Please contact Dr. Ruby Nadler for more information.

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