Developing Leadership Character

In assessing leaders at any level in an organization, we must always ask three questions:

  • Do they have the competencies to be a leader? Do they have the knowledge, the understanding of key concepts, facts, and relationships that they need to do the job effectively?
  • Do they have the commitment to be a leader? Yes, they aspire to be a leader, but are they prepared to do the hard work of leadership, engage with others in fulfilling the organizational mission, achieve the vision and deliver on the goals?
  • Do they have the character to be a good leader and strive to be an even better one? Do they have the values, traits and virtues that others – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and the broader society within which they operate – will use to determine if they are good leaders?

Our EGuide, Developing Leadership Character, will help you learn:

  • Why character is important for leadership
  • How character is defined
  • The ten virtues of a cross-enterprise leader
  • How character develops

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