Eguide: LCIA-360 Feedback Rater Guide

August 29, 2017

How to guide for using multisource feedback tools

360 Rater Guide

The LCIA-360° feedback rater guide was designed to provide information on how 360° assessments (a.k.a. multisource feedback tools) function. 360 tools are among the most popular methods of evaluating employee performance and developmental needs. 360 assessments help evaluate the qualities of employees for character, knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance. These reviews can help employees identify strengths and opportunities for future development.

What makes a 360° assessment different from other employee evaluation tools is the use of multiple raters. Traditional approaches to employee evaluation only consider the input of an employee’s direct supervisor.

In contrast, a 360° assessment collects ratings from the employee as well as from multiple people who have different relationships with this employee. Some of the relationships include supervisors, colleagues, and direct/indirect reports. Raters provide ratings for the target employee, and are also asked to provide written comments or narrative feedback to enrich their ratings. This process provides a more comprehensive picture of the employee’s strengths and developmental opportunities.

The LCIA-360 rater guide will provide you with information to:

  • Explain how 360° assessments differ from traditional employee evaluations
  • Define the dimensions of character assessed by the LCIA-360°
  • Understand how the LCIA-360° is administered
  • Identify common pitfalls associated with 360° ratings, and know how to avoid them
  • Provide useful and meaningful narrative feedback within a 360° assessment
  • Recognize common patterns in 360° ratings

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