Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment-Workplace (MEIA-W)

Developing emotional intelligence in leaders

What is Emotional Intelligence?

What you can expect

MEIA Workplace Report

The MEIA for Workplace Development Report is a bright, thorough report that provides an extensive introduction with context around the development of the EI measure. It also includes a description of the MEIA-W dimension structure and advice on interpretation of scores. Interpretative advice is identified according to three categorizations: Develop, Enhance, and Refine. A page is devoted to each of the 10 MEIA-W dimensions to take a closer look at the results. The pages contain the detailed dimension definition, relationship to performance, implications of underutilization or overutilization, category score, and feedback based on the score.

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What you can expect

MEIA Basic Report

The MEIA Basic Report is a vibrant, concise report. It contains a snapshot of scores for each of the 10 MEIA dimensions categorized according to three levels (Refine, Enhance, or Develop) along with its category descriptions. In addition, there is a summary table providing an overview of the MEIA dimension structure; descriptions of why each EI dimension is important to well-being and effectiveness; and descriptions of what each dimension may look like in the extreme (underutilization versus overutilization).

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More Video Resources

MEIA author, Dr. Robert Tett, has created some interesting, helpful videos about emotional intelligence and how to best use the EI assessments in the workplace.

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How is the MEIA Different?

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