SIGMA’s High Potentials Program

Our Philosophy

We believe that a systematic, measurement-driven approach to identifying High Potentials who possess the required character, competencies, and commitment to succeed as future leaders, is critically important to an organization’s growth, development, and sustainability.

Our Approach

We have developed innovative tools to support your High Potential Programs. The process involves:

1. Partnering with the client to establish a communication strategy designed to set the context for participants by providing information on “what,” “why,” “when” – what is being asked of them, why have they been asked to participate in the process/program, and when will it be happening

2. Determining critical character elements, competencies, and commitment components required for effectiveness in senior leadership roles via a formal  online survey completed by existing leaders

3. Administering leadership assessments to measure candidates / high potentials on identified competencies, character elements, and commitment components

4. Developing identified high potentials and leadership candidates via coaching designed to:

  • Enhance awareness of strengths and developmental priorities on competencies and character
  • Provide information and resources designed to facilitate growth in identified developmental areas and assist with ongoing development and maintenance of change

5. Evaluating results of the assessment and coaching program to make leadership decisions in partnership with the client

  • SIGMA provides guidance on best fit candidates from both a character and competencies perspective for leadership position(s)
  • Deliverables include a talent database detailing candidate data, rankings, and scores, and summary slides reporting top and bottom strengths and development opportunities

6. Following up and tracking progress on leadership goals at the individual and organizational level

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