Character Matters: Introducing the Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA)

Character Matters, our tagline for our new assessment for character, the Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA). It seems cliché but with the prevalence of poor leaders in politics and corporations, it so abundantly clear how important character is in leadership today.

Watch Dr. Gerard Seijts, Executive Director of the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership at the Ivey Business School, as he discusses:

  • Why leadership character matters
  • The importance of measuring leadership character
  • How the LCIA contributes to the leadership character conversation
  • How you can use the LCIA to develop better leaders

What is the LCIA?

The LCIA is a character assessment test. It is designed to provide leaders and potential leaders with practical insight about character — what it is and why it’s important for building strong leaders and organizations. The LCIA measures 11 character dimensions: Judgment, Drive, Collaboration, Humanity, Humility, Integrity, Temperance, Justice, Accountability, Courage, and Transcendence. Under each of the 11 dimensions are corresponding elements. The LCIA report provides an overview of a leader’s character based on their self report. Valuable information and resources are presented to assist with the growth and development of the leader’s character strengths.

For more information about the LCIA, please contact us or visit the LCIA product page.