Post: Questions to Ask Potential ATS Vendors

December 25, 2015

Seven Questions to Ask Potential ATS Vendors Before Making Your Decision

We have compiled a list of 7 questions to ask ATS vendors before you start. In addition to your basic requirements, it is important to gather answers on ease of use, training needed, system flexibility and integration capabilities.

1. Gather input from all stakeholders including:

  • HR Staff, Recruiters, Hiring Managers
  • Functional Leads and Managers
  • IT

2. Develop a list of criteria / questions ensuring that all perspectives are represented

  • Consider weighting criteria

3. Determine a standard rating scale to use

4. Rate your shortlisted vendors on each criteria

ATS Vendor Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Vendor D
How easy is the system to use?
Does the system provide the reporting we need?
Will the ATS integrate with our internal HR systems?
Will the ATS integrate with external Job Boards?
Will the ATS adapt to our hiring process?
How long is the typical implementation?
How much training is required for users?

Our EGuide, ATS Buyers Guide will give you guidelines on making a decision on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). For more information, click here to download the EGuide.


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