Our History

We are proud to share SIGMA’s history and the story that made us who we are today.

The founder of our company, Dr. Douglas Jackson, took an early interest in the importance of tests and assessments for real life decisions.

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D.
Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D.

His first encounter with an assessment, like many others, was during high school.  However, it was anything but a rewarding experience. In fact, he was discouraged from taking a vocational interest test from a guidance counselor.

He took matters into his own hands and set out to explore his career possibilities on his own. He traveled solo to New York City and paid to have a test administered and interpreted.

The results of that test would determine more than just Dr. Jackson’s future but those of millions of people who would benefit from him taking that simple test.

He was advised to consider a career that incorporated his interests in both science and people. This resonated with him. He became curious about the test itself, and the ability of tests to make predictions about people based on their scores. This experience planted a seed that would blossom into a long and influential career as a researcher, psychologist, scientist, innovator, and founder of a company known for making assessments of the highest scientific standards and quality.

The hope that their results have had some impact on their career and life satisfaction gives me some confidence that our extra efforts have been worthwhile” – Dr. Douglas N. Jackson

The tests and assessments developed by Dr. Jackson have made an impact. They have helped millions of individuals and professionals choose wiser, hire smarter, develop stronger, and feel confident about what the future has in store.