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  • Leadership Skills Profile (LSP)
  • SlGMARadius 360 Degree Feedback
  • Ivey Leadership Profile (ILP)


  • Leadership Character insight Assessment (LCIA)


  • Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessment — Workplace (MEIA—W)


  • Jackson Personality Inventory — Revised (JPI—R)
  • Personality Research Form (PRF)
  • Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ)
  • NEO Personality Inventory-3TM (NEO-PI-3)TM
  • Employee Screening Questionnaire — 2 (ESQ—2)


  • Multidimensional Aptitude Battery — II (MAB—II)
  • Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)
  • SIGMA Survey for Police Officers (SSPO)
  • SIGMA Survey for Security Officers (SSSO)


Established in 1967, SIGMA has spent over 50 years developing and delivering
science-based assessment products and leadership coaching services.

The founder of our company, Dr. Douglas Jackson,  had a long and influential career as a researcher, psychologist, scientist, and innovator in the held of psychological assessment.

The tests and assessments developed by Dr Jackson have helped millions of individuals and professionals hire better employees, develop stronger leaders, plan careers with purpose, and uncover their true potential.

SIGMA carries on that tradition of developing and delivering rigorous, science—based assessments and solution today. Our team of experts often collaborate with leading academics in areas such as leadership and emotional intelligence, and actively contribute to the research literature while clearing products that enhance the workplace and people’s lives.


Leadership competencies and character
Leadership competencies and character can often be hard to see on the surface. At SIGMA, we help organisations and
insulation measure these qualities as well  as other traits
and skills that make individuals good leaders. Our assessments can be used
to identify the strengths and developmental opportunists
of existing and prospective leaders in your organisational.

Assessing Leadership Competencies
with the Leadership Skills Profile can
help organisations:

  • Hire top performing leaders and executives
  • Identify factors that contribute to leadership success and derailment
  • Select candidates for succession planning and high potential programs

Assessing Leadership Character with the LCIA can help organisations:

  • Equip leaders and organisations with a deeper understanding of character
    and the language to discuss leader character in a meaningful way
  • Inflate learning and development around leader character
  • Identify and address problems that stall careers and contaminate
    working relationships
  • Augment a competence—based leadership assessment process with
    a unique, powerful predictor of leadership performance

Competencies can be assessed using SlGMARadius — our customizable

360—degree feedback tool. Competency
and character can also be assessed using
the Ivey Leadership Profile and the LCIA—
360, both of which were developed in
conjunction with Ivey Business School.

360-degree feedback can help

  • Implement leadership development
    and high potential programs
  • Identify and develop candidates
    for talent management and succession
    planning initiatives
  • Equip leaders with feedback on
    competencies to initiate learning and
    development as part of an executive
    coaching program
  • Enhance self—awareness and identify
    strengths and developmental prioritises

Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EI) allows individuals
to perceive, understand, regulate,
and express emotions and plays an
important role in the workplace at all leadership
levels. Our assessment predicts job
performance over and above cognitive
ability and personality.

Assessing EI can help:

  • Organisations select leaders and
    employees with emotional intelligence
    (EI) and exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Employees and leaders develop critical
    people skills

Personality assessments provide
valuable insight regarding an individual’s
behaviour and can be used to predict job performance.

Assessing personality can help

  • Identify applicants who are the best
    it for the job
  • Consider candidate performance and
    potential and identify traits that may
    derail a candidate
  • Support both the individual’s and
    the organisation’s understanding of
    the candidate’s strengths and key
    development areas

Cognitive Ability
Literally thousands of studies provide
evidence that cognitive ability is the
single greatest predictor of success for
most jobs. This compelling research
supports cognitive ability as an essential
screening tool for select on and
placement in a wide variety of jobs.

Our two most popular cognitive ability
assessments, the Personnel Assessment
Form (PAF) and the Multidimensional
Aptitude Battery – II (MAB II), can help:

  • Managers and HR practitioners who
    want to select employees and leaders
    who are sharp thinkers and quick learners
  • HR professionals and organisations
    looking for a brief and accurate
    online cognitive ability test for a
    wide variety of jobs
  • Organisations seeking to incorporate
    a strong predictor of job performance
    into their hiring process
  • Psychologists looking for a
    thorough measure of general cognitive
    ability or intelligence (IQ)
  • Contribute to research on intelligence
    and its relation to other psychological
    constructs, job performance, and
    learning; neuropsychological assessment
    and research


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