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  • HR professionals and organizations who want to incorporate a valid leadership development test as part of a comprehensive leadership development, talent management, or high potential program
  • Leaders who would like to gain self-awareness and better understand their strengths and development opportunities
  • Developing a comprehensive program for executive coaching supported by valid assessments

What is the LSP-DR?

The Leadership Skills Profile-Development Report (LSP-DR) is a personality-based leadership development test that provides scores and customized leadership advice for a comprehensive set of 42 leadership competencies. The LSP is built upon the culmination of nearly 50 years of research into human performance, and incorporates the latest in personality and leadership theory.

Why Should I Use the LSP?

ACCURATE. The LSP is a reliable and valid predictor of leadership performance. In a recent validation study, LSP scores effectively predicted 360° ratings of performance, providing evidence to support the validity of the LSP as a useful predictor of leadership performance.

PRACTICAL. The LSP provides practical and constructive development advice that meets real-world needs and makes a lasting impact. Unlike more abstract or generic leadership tools, the LSP provides concrete data and action-oriented advice to help address situations that leaders face on a daily basis.

STRUCTURED. The LSP development guide drives a structured leadership development process that fits well with busy schedules, providing achievable milestones that will keep development on track without taking time away from key tasks.

INTEGRATED. The LSP product suite has the added advantage of being aligned with SIGMARadius, our 360 degree feedback survey. Together, these flexible tools can increase the effectiveness of your succession planning and talent management programs.

CUSTOMIZABLE. SIGMA puts you in the driver’s seat and delivers a customized solution that allows you to select only those competencies that align with your organization or role from the full set of 42 that are measured by the LSP.

Report Options

LSP-DEVELOPMENT REPORT. The LSP-DR can be produced in a standard format that captures all 42 LSP competencies, or can reflect the specific requirements of a particular job by using benchmarks established by your team of experts. The LSP Development Report (LSP-DR) includes tools and techniques designed to empower leaders to realize their full potential.

LSP-FOCUS REPORT. The LSP-FR provides participants with their top 10 strengths and best 10 opportunities for development. This more streamlined report option along with the complementary LSP Development Guide is ideal for delivering leadership development programs to large groups with limited resources.

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Available for online administration and scoring. An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below.

Leadership Development Test:
LSP Startup Costs
US Pricing Canadian Pricing
Online Scoring

  • Includes: Technical Manual, 1 LSP test administration (development or focus report option), account set up, and technical support
$117 $127

How do I order?

Purchasing the LSP can happen quickly and easily. The first step is to complete an application form to get approved for an online account. Once approved, you will receive an email with your log in information. At that point, you can log in, purchase tests, and begin testing.

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