Increase productivity and decrease stress.

Enhance your organization’s leadership performance, team performance, and employee well-being through the application of mindfulness and the science of positive psychology.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment with specific positive attitudes. It means connecting and engaging with what’s going on inside and around yourself; knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced, distractible business culture, mindfulness has become an important practice that helps leaders focus, think clearly and reason calmly under stress. People who practice mindfulness are able to better manage themselves and others in stressful situations.

“Mindfulness can change your life – significantly enhancing your performance as a leader and how you relate to others both inside and outside the workplace.”

Julie Carswell, Ph.D, Vice President, Head of R&D

Mindfulness meditation can literally change the brain, strengthening the regions associated with attention and emotion regulation. The practice builds concentration, clarity and composure—skills that can be used to enhance decision-making, productivity, creative problem-solving and innovation. It has also been proven to reduce stress, and improve work-life balance and overall wellbeing.

Online Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness is a skill that gets better with regular meditation practice, and by bringing mindful attention to everyday activities. We have developed self-paced online training programs designed to teach mindful meditation and introduce ways to integrate mindfulness into workplace situations and daily actions.

  • Choose an 8-week or 4-week program
  • Log in from your computer or smartphone anywhere, anytime
  • Work through each module in 15 to 20 minutes
  • Practice regularly to reinforce the key takeaways from each lesson

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Customized Programs

Ask us about our mindfulness workshops, retreats, and one-one-one executive mindfulness coaching.

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