Top Leader Development Articles

Being in the business of Leadership Development, I am always looking for great articles and resources to help our clients Build Better Leaders. In that process, I come across material that I think may be interesting to our readers.

With that in mind, here is my leader reading list for the week.

NHS Needs to Flip its Leadership Development Program

This London School of Economics article outlines recommendations to address leadership challenges at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Specifically, the article discusses a more proactive approach for developing leaders before they become leaders. Essentially, “instead of waiting for positions to be filled to develop leaders, we need to develop leaders to fill positions.”

How Asserting Yourself the Right Way Can Help Your Team

John Rampton contends that “assertiveness can help when you’re looking to get buy-in from your team on a plan, campaign, or killer idea.” In this article, you’ll learn 5 keys to asserting yourself for the greater good that include:

  1. Keeping your emotions under control.
  2. Picking the right battles.
  3. Using positive body language.
  4. Addressing issues clearly and directly.
  5. Learning how to say no.

Overcoming the Fear of Feedback

We all know that feedback is the key to personal development.  However, many of us are terrified of asking for it and (at best) uncomfortable with giving it.  Matias Rodsevich pens a great article on how you can overcome that fear and start reaping the benefits that frequent feedback can deliver.

Learning From Other Leaders

Watch how Blue Apron’s CEO shares leadership responsibilities. Matt Salzberg discusses how his role has evolved as the company has grown from 3 employees to 3600.  You’ll also learn why he believes too many cooks in the kitchen isn’t always a bad thing.

Innovation is Leadership. Leadership is Innovation.

This tech startup is making a bendable smartphone that will wrap around your wrist.  Discover how this company is leading the way with a new way of thinking about what we can do with our phones.

The Best Places to Work in U.S. Federal Government

The rankings for the Best Places to Work in the U.S. Federal Government have recently been released.  The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) collects data from over 400,000 employees and provides detailed rankings from seemingly every possible perspective.

A few interesting conclusions:

  • A comparison of 2015 Best Places to Work data and private sector survey results reveals an 18.6-point difference between the federal government (58.1) and the private sector (76.7) regarding employee satisfaction and commitment.
  • One critical area where the results clearly reveal room for the federal government to improve is performance management. Employees in the private sector and the federal government have similar views regarding the annual performance appraisal itself: more than two-thirds of employees in both sectors agree their reviews are fair. However, only 59 percent of government employees say they receive constructive feedback compared with 74 percent of employees in the private sector, a 15-point difference.

The Weekly Leadership Tip

“Schedule time in advance to talk with your employees. Whether you’re a team leader scheduling check-ins with direct reports, or a senior agency official scheduling personal site visits to geographically dispersed locations, the effort should yield dividends if you genuinely engage in open dialogue.” – From the Washington Post’s What Every Leader in Government Should Be Doing Right Now

Hope you found something in the list that peaked your interest. Until Next Week.