Leadership Articles of the Week

Why Does Hiring Take So Long

This SHRM article cites CEB research that finds “that the average time-to-hire for white collar positions is now a whopping 68 business days – 26 days longer than it was in 2010”! Read the article to find out the reasons for the dramatic increase and what you can do about it.

Promoting Diversity In The Workplace (PODCAST)

At digital agency 360i, 60% of employees are women and a third are non-white. How did they do it?

“No quotas. No legacy. It’s just, ‘Hey, you bring a different perspective here. That sounds really interesting,’” Ms. Hofstetter said on the WSJ Media Mix podcast. “The beauty is it just happened.”

Listen to Sarah Hofstetter – CEO of 360i – tell the Wall Street Journal why employee diversity matters.

Introverts Can Be Great Leaders Too

Don’t let stereotypes limit your potential. This article from Entrepreneur Magazine will give you four strategies for re-defining what an introvert can accomplish in a leadership role.  Learn how to:

  1. Play to your strengths
  2. Leverage your ability to thrive in small groups
  3. Take time to recharge
  4. Find your own brand of charisma.

How To Make Sure Your Most Outspoken Employee Doesn’t Hog The Spotlight

When you’re the manager and you have a squeaky wheel in your office—that person who’s always eager to voice an opinion, give advice, and monopolize a meeting—how do you make sure they don’t spoil it for everyone else?

It starts with creating a safe environment for everyone else to voice their opinions through establishing ground rules, acting as a coach, and not tolerating the ‘always’ negative voice.   

The Mystifying Triumph of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s Right-Hand Woman

If you’ve followed any of Donald Trump’s campaign or even just caught soundbites, you may be surprised to know his chief press secretary – as in the person answering for those soundbites – is a woman.

As GQ magazine describes it, “One day you’re just a smiley PR lackey; the next, you’re a major operative in the nuttiest campaign in decades. Such is the strange year in the life of Hope Hicks, the 27-year-old accidental press secretary for Donald Trump. How did she get here? And how much longer can she last?”

Why Do We Spend So Much Developing Senior Leaders and So Little Training New Managers?

As Victor Lipman neared the end of his corporate days, he “realized that he’d received much more management training in the last five years than I did in the first 20 years — when he really needed it — combined.”

Read about the factors that contribute to this training imbalance.

Hope you found something in the list that peaked your interest.

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