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SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc. has been creating innovative and empirically rigorous assessments since 1967. We are committed to supporting research that contributes to the collective knowledge of the scientific community.


Supporting the use of our assessments in research is just one way to ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality products to our customers. If you are interested in using one or part of our assessments in your research and would like to apply for a research discount, please review the information below and send us a completed application form.


  • Researchers must agree to send us a copy of the final report, a summary or abstract, and the collected data. SIGMA is authorized to copy and distribute the abstract or report to interested parties, with credit given to the authors of the research.
  • The discount only applies to the approved research study.
  • We cannot grant permission to include entire tests or scales in any published works, including dissertations.


Do we have your qualifications on file? If not, please fill out the Test User Qualifications Form. If you are interested in using our assessments for your research, complete the application below or print the application form and return to us via fax or email.

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