Your organization has an urgent need for succession — what do you do now?

Focus Your Succession Planning Efforts with Succession by Position

Succession planning is a long-term strategic process that allows your company to prepare for the future. When companies have a formal succession plan in place across all levels of their organization, they are able to take stock of the talent they have available, and develop their employees into qualified candidates who are ready to move into important positions when they become available. In SIGMA’s simple process, we do this by identifying critical roles, building success profiles, nominating successors, assessing development needs, developing talent, and measuring progress.

Our Process


Determine which roles your organization should target through its succession program.

Identify critical roles for succession planning
Build success profiles for talent development


Describe the talent composition required for each critical role today and in the future.


Choose succession candidates for each critical role through a nomination survey.

Nominate succession candidates
Assessing succession planning needs


Summarize each candidate’s talent profile and identify gaps to target through development.


Prepare development plans for candidates and track their development activities.

Measure Progress

Implementing a full succession plan throughout your organization may not always be feasible. However, you can still benefit from all that succession planning has to offer by starting to build a plan around a few key roles. If you’ve identified one critical position in your organization that is in need of succession planning, SIGMA’s Succession by Position solution is the perfect fit.

When to Use
Succession by Position

There are a number of situations where succession planning by position might be a preferred to a larger, company-wide succession plan, such as when:

  • The need for succession is urgent due to the potential for a sudden vacancy with no qualified candidates ready to step into the role
  • Your company’s board or other important stakeholders want to prioritize succession planning for certain critical roles
  • It has been difficult to gain buy-in from leaders or the executive team for a complete succession plan and you’re looking for proof of concept before taking on a larger initiative
  • There are limited resources available to dedicate to strategic initiatives like succession planning

Succession by Position
For CEOs

There are many reasons why companies choose to focus their succession planning efforts on the CEO. Sudden vacancies can indicate to your board, executive team, and other stakeholders that your company is unprepared for the future. It can also foster doubts in your employees about your executive team’s ability to lead, which could have high-potentials looking for other opportunities. Provide your company with stability and business continuity with SIGMA’s Succession by Position. We will help you build a pool of talented, qualified individuals and provide them with the development opportunities they need to become viable candidates for the CEO role. This means when your CEO position becomes vacant, your company is ready. Download our free CEO Succession By Position guide to learn more about our Succession by Position process.

Sample Page from CEO Succession By Position

Succession by Position
is for
ALL Critical Roles

Although we most often receive requests for Succession by Positon for CEOs, the process can easily be adapted for any critical role in your organization. Consider using SIGMA’S Succession by Position for any essential role in your company where a sudden retirement or other personnel loss would be disruptive to your business operations.

Sample Page from SVP Operations Succession By Position

Download the full resource: SVP Operations Succession By Position.


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