Costs associated with unplanned succession have been estimated at over 10 times an executive’s salary. Most companies are aware of the risk, and yet only 54% have a partial succession plan in place.[i] SIGMA has worked with senior management at thousands of organizations across North America, and when it comes to succession planning, CEOs continuously tell us that they don’t plan for tomorrow because they’re struggling to keep up with the demands of today.

We hear you. That’s why SIGMA has developed the simplest way to build a working Succession Plan that will help your organization prepare for the future. We offer specialized succession consulting services for leadership, CEO, and management succession planning.

Specialized Succession Planning

SIGMA Assessment Systems offers specialized succession planning resources and guidance to help develop long-term succession planning goals and strategies best suited for your organization’s leadership structure.

Leadership Succession Planning

Strategic leadership succession planning designed for long-term growth of your organization while maximizing the full potential of your team.  

CEO Succession Planning

SIGMA offers specialized CEO succession planning to help your company better prepare for the future by securing your businesses’ most critical role.

Management Succession Planning

Specialized management succession planning to help your business implement internal practices and guidelines to secure your individual management teams.


Why Work With SIGMA Succession Planning Consultants?

Here’s what you can expect when you engage with SIGMA’s Succession Planning consultants:


Industry Experience

Since 1967, SIGMA has worked with over 8,500 public and private organizations in a wide range of industries across North America.


Academic Rigor

SIGMA has been part of the research community for over 50 years, conducted over 4 million assessments, and received nearly 4,500 academic citations. We make data-driven decisions and bring academic rigor to our client engagements.


Process-Based Approach

SIGMA’s succession planning process includes six phases that will streamline your planning process. We also provide various tools and templates that will help you plan more efficiently and effectively.



Working with SIGMA means you’ll have experienced succession planning consultants guiding you every step of the way. Our consultants will work with you to develop a custom Succession Plan, guide your leaders through the implementation, and help your team meet its objectives.



When you work with SIGMA’s succession planning consultants, you see results. Over 400 of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years, and SIGMA takes pride in being a strategic partner you can depend on.


Make Succession Planning Simple with our Expert Consultants

Ready to Get Started?

At SIGMA, we want to help you create a succession plan that meets your needs. Visit our Succession Template Guide, downloadable succession planning templates, and helpful videos for more resources. Contact us to learn more about our custom succession planning services and how we can help your company plan for the future.

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[i] Harrell, E. (December 2016). Succession Planning: What the Research Says. Harvard Business Review.