Build a Leadership Competency Framework

We’ve heard from our clients that they want help implementing a more systematic, structured process for measuring performance and identifying leadership talent. They also understand that the foundation for this often relies on a robust implementation of a leadership competency framework.

While there are some organizations that have a robust framework in place, others do not. And similarly, some organizations have measures in place to capture input from subject matter experts, but others do not even know where to start. Collecting data to start building a framework does not have to be a complicated process, but it helps to have tools in place to capture this data in a confidential, objective, and meaningful way.

We’ve developed an EGuide,  How to Build a Leadership Competency Frameworkto help walk HR professionals through the steps required to collect that data and use it to create their own competency framework that reflects the unique characteristics of its organization and its people.

From the data gathering, to the analyzing, to the actual implementation – we’re here to ensure the process stays on track, on schedule, and produces the results you need.

We do the work. You get the results.