To complement our Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA), we have developed a series of handouts. As they are developed, we will continue to add them to this page.

SIGMA’s Leadership Character Series provides additional information about what is important about the individual dimensions of leader character. Every guide provides tips on how you can improve your skills, and includes resources to watch, read, or listen to.

Below you will find the complete listing of leadership character dimensions as well as the links to the handouts (if available). Contact SIGMA if you are interested in receiving one that is not available currently. Visit this page periodically to discover more.



Leadership Character
Leadership Character Handout 
Judgment situationally aware, cognitively complex, analytical, decisive, critical thinker, intuitive, insightful, pragmatic, adaptable Great Leaders Are Judicious
Courage brave, determined, tenacious, resilient, confident Great Leaders Act with Courage 
Drive passionate, vigorous, results, demonstrates initiative, strives for excellence Great Leaders Have Drive 
Collaboration collaboration, cooperative, collegial, open-minded, flexible, interconnected Great Leaders Are Collaborative 
Integrity authentic, candid, transparent, principled, consistent Great Leaders Act with Integrity 
Temperance patient, calm, composed, self-controlled, prudent Great Leaders Act with Temperance 
Accountability takes ownership, accepts consequences, conscientious, responsible Great Leaders Are Accountable 
Justice fair, equitable, proportionate, even-handed, socially responsible Great Leaders Are Just
Humility self-aware, modest, reflective, curious, continuous learner, respectful, grateful, vulnerable Great Leaders Act with Humility 
Humanity considerate, empathetic, compassionate, magnanimous, forgiving Great Leaders Act with Humanity 
Transcendence appreciative, inspired, purposive, future-oriented, optimistic, creative Great Leaders Are Transcendent