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To complement our Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA), we have developed a series of PDF handouts focused on each dimension of leadership character.

SIGMA’s Leadership Character Development Series provides additional information about what is important about the individual dimensions of leader character. Every guide provides tips on how you can improve your skills, and includes resources to watch, read, or listen to.

Below you will find the complete listing of leadership character dimensions as well as the links to the handouts. Contact SIGMA today if you are interested in receiving one that is not available currently.

Leadership Character
Leadership Character PDF Handout 
Great Leaders Have Great Judgmentsituationally aware, cognitively complex, analytical, decisive, critical thinker, intuitive, insightful, pragmatic, adaptableDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Act With Couragebrave, determined, tenacious, resilient, confidentDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Have Drivepassionate, vigorous, results, demonstrates initiative, strives for excellenceDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Are Collaborativecollaboration, cooperative, collegial, open-minded, flexible, interconnectedDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Act with Integrityauthentic, candid, transparent, principled, consistentDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Act With Temperancepatient, calm, composed, self-controlled, prudentDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Are Accountabletakes ownership, accepts consequences, conscientious, responsibleDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Are Justfair, equitable, proportionate, even-handed, socially responsibleDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Act With Humilityself-aware, modest, reflective, curious, continuous learner, respectful, grateful, vulnerableDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Act With Humanityconsiderate, empathetic, compassionate, magnanimous, forgivingDownload (EN) | Download (FR)
Great Leaders Have Transcendenceappreciative, inspired, purposive, future-oriented, optimistic, creativeDownload (EN) | Download (FR)

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