Psychology is a broad field with many disciplines united by an overarching goal of helping individuals achieve personal insight to better their lives. As a practitioner, you play an important role in helping people flourish.

At SIGMA, we understand the many ways in which assessments can be used to help your clients, and have developed a catalog of tests to meet their – and your – needs. Our assessments are evidence-based, science-supported, and will help you to help others.

Contact us to learn which of our clinical and counseling assessments are right for you.

Multidimensional Aptitude Battery – II

MAB-II Practices The MAB-II is best used for: Psychologists looking for a thorough measure of general cognitive ability or intelligence (IQ) Qualified individuals looking to assess cognitive ability and aptitudes for employment purposes Research into intelligence and its relation to other psychological constructs, job performance, and learning; neuropsychological assessment and research Software and online administration with various, immediate report […]

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Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology – Basic Questionnaire

Best For Psychologists who want to assess and treat personality disorders (Axis II of the DSM-5) Identifying a dimensional profile of personality that can facilitate treatment planning for various psychological disorders Research on emerging topics in personality and psychopathology Online administration with a comprehensive report What is the DAPP-BQ? The Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology – Basic […]

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Basic Personality Inventory

Best For Psychologists looking for a quick psychological screening test for both normal and clinical populations Counselors and psychologists seeking to assess psychopathology in adults and adolescents Research on normal and maladaptive personality for diverse populations Online administration and an informative report for easy interpretation What is the BPI? The Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) is a personality […]

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Carlson Psychological Survey

Best For Counselors looking to assess offenders or those involved in the criminal justice system or requiring other forms of social assistance Correctional settings requiring forensic evaluations in preparation for trial or incarceration Psychologists looking for a brief screening test measuring antisocial tendencies, substance abuse, self-depreciation, and thought disturbance Software administration with concise report including recommendations What is […]

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Psychological Screening Inventory – 2

Best For Counselors interested in a brief mental health screening tool Psychological screening for both adult and adolescent populations Referrals for counseling or mental health agencies Online administration with concise report including category classification for psychological functioning What is the PSI-2? The Psychological Screening Inventory-2 (PSI-2) is a brief mental health screening device ideal for situations […]

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Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale – 2

Best For Counselors looking for a brief screening measure of depression for adolescents Psychological screening for clients in the age range of 11 to 20 Paper-and-pencil administration and hand scoring What is the RADS-2? The Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale-2 (RADS-2) is an ideal tool to screen for adolescents with significant depressive symptoms within schools or […]

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State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory – 2

Best For Counselors looking for a brief measure of the experience, expression, and control of anger Counselors who want to explore how the components of state anger, trait anger, and anger expression could potentially contribute to medical conditions Clients between the ages of 16 and 63 Paper-and-pencil administration and hand scoring What is the STAXI-2? The […]

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Personality Assessment Inventory

Best For Psychologists looking for a tool to help diagnose clinical disorders and screen for psychopathology in clients Clients at or above the 4th grade reading level Psychologists who want a hand scoring solution that is quick and simple What is the PAI? The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment […]

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Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale

Best For Family and marriage counselors working with couples reporting issues related to gender inequality Researchers and psychologists looking to measure attitudes related to gender inequality and sex roles Classroom applications related to gender roles Paper-and-pencil administration and hand scoring What is the SRES? The Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale (SRES) was developed to measure attitudes toward the equality […]

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Coolidge Assessment Battery

Best For Psychologists looking to assess and diagnose clinical syndromes and personality disorders Psychologists and researchers interested in measuring neuropsychological functioning Software administration with detailed report including recommendations for therapy and diagnoses What is the CAB? The Coolidge Assessment Battery (CAB) contains 225 items and is answered on a four-point Likert scale ranging from Strongly False […]

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