Enhance leadership at every level of your organization
to reach individual and organizational goals.

Studies show that coaching helps employees establish lasting behavior change. It also makes it significantly more likely that development goals will be accomplished. Coaching has been endorsed by major corporations, with benefits including new skill development, improved relationships, broadened perspectives, increased role clarity, greater motivation and performance, as well as improved job satisfaction and corporate culture.

Sounds good? SIGMA can help you get there.  We offer individual and group coaching, as well as a Lunch and Learn Series tailored towards developing specific leadership competencies. Explore our coaching and training programs below to find the one that fits best for you.

Our Offerings


Executive coaching tailored to meet individual and/or organizational development goals


One hour competency development sessions focused
on a particular skill (e.g., communication, teamwork, etc.)

Build on the strength of your leadership.

Contact us to ask about our coaching and training, or how we can customize
our options to best suit your needs. We’re always happy to chat!