Partner with us to identify, select, and develop the next generation of leadership in your organization.

The loss of key talent can create a catastrophic ripple throughout an organization that is not prepared. It is often not a question of if you will lose talent, it is a question of when.

With our expertise in leadership assessments, we partner with you to develop a strong succession plan for your organization. Our assessments support data-driven decisions about who’s next in line and what they need to be successful.

Our Process


Determine which roles your organization should target through its succession program.


Describe the talent composition required for each critical role today and in the future.


Choose candidates for each critical role through a nomination survey.


Summarize each candidate’s talent profile and identify gaps to target through development.


Prepare development plans for candidates and track their development activities.

Succession Planning Resources

Succession Planning Launch Series

SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series efficiently delivers everything you need to build and execute dynamic succession plans.

Free Succession Guide Download

SIGMA’s Simple Succession Guide leads users through our simple planning process with useful resources for each stage.

Simple Succession Planning Webinar

Learn how to use SIGMA’s Simple Succession Planning Framework to kickstart your planning process

Succession Planning Template Library

Free access to powerful Succession Planning templates to support your planning process

Build on the strength of your leadership.

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