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A loss of key talent can create a catastrophic ripple throughout any organization that is not prepared. With a variety of factors at play, it is not a question of if you will lose talent it is only a question of when.

So, are you ready?

With SIGMA’s Succession Planning Webinar you can be.

Comprehensive Succession Planning Webinar

Any organization can be certain that at some point there will be changes in key personnel with critical roles. Many companies are not properly prepared to handle these vacancies and lack qualified candidates to fill these positions. Our team of dedicated succession planning consultants work with your business to develop strong leadership talent within your organization.

SIGMA has created a comprehensive succession planning webinar for your organization to follow in order to help jump start the internal succession planning process.

In this succession planning webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Generate momentum and executive support for the process
  • Apply a structured approach for identifying the roles critical to your organization
  • Build success profiles that combine current requirements with future needs
  • Identify successors through a formalized nomination survey
  • Assess candidate development needs, individually and organizationally, to focus your organization’s development initiatives
  • Build and develop the breadth and depth of your talent pool
  • Measure, monitor, and communicate ROI

These learnings are a part of our six-step succession planning process:

  1. Identifying critical roles
  2. Building success profiles
  3. Nominating successors
  4. Assessing succession needs
  5. Develop talent
  6. Measure progress

Begin Your Succession Planning Process

Begin working towards a strategic succession plan for your business. In addition to this succession planning webinar, SIGMA Assessment Systems offers a suite of succession planning consulting services and resources to assist in the succession planning process.

To get more out of this webinar, you can also download our Succession Planning Guide.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to make real progress towards your Succession Planning process, consider our Succession Planning Launch Series.

Contact Glen Harrison with any Succession Planning questions at 800-265-1285 extension 233.


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