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Established in 1967, SIGMA has spent over 50 years developing and delivering science-based assessment products and leadership coaching services.

The founder of our company, Dr. Douglas Jackson, had a long and influential career as a researcher, psychologist, scientist, and innovator in the field of psychological assessment. The assessments developed by Dr. Jackson have helped millions of individuals and professionals hire better employees, develop stronger leaders, plan careers with purpose, and uncover their true potential.

The hope that their results have had some impact on their career and life satisfaction gives me some confidence that our extra efforts have been worthwhile.

– Dr. Douglas N. Jackson

SIGMA carries on that tradition of developing and delivering rigorous, science-based assessments and solutions today. Our team of experts often collaborate with leading academics in areas such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness; actively contributing to the research literature while creating products that enhance the workplace and people’s lives.

What sets SIGMA apart?


  • We have spent over 50 years developing science-based assessment products and leadership coaching services.
  • We have conducted over 4 million assessments and received nearly 4,500 academic citations.


  • We bring simple, intuitive platforms and real-world applicability to our suite of assessments and coaching.
  • Our tests, programs, and customer care are backed by scientific testing and over 50 years of practice.


  • We have worked with over 8,500 public and private organizations across North America.
  • Over 400 of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.
  • We’ve helped retail clients reduce employee terminations by 80% within the first 4 months and total turnover by 50% within the first year.

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