Succession Planning Launch

SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch is your comprehensive succession planning solution.

Struggling to fit succession into your busy schedule? SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch is a streamlined solution designed for today’s leaders. Our proven process combines practical tools and industry-validated methodologies to create a comprehensive, customized succession plan with minimal time commitment from your leaders.

How it Works


  • Define your unique organizational context and consider future strategic directions.
  • Nominate your Succession Advisory Team.
  • Document your current process.
  • Identify critical roles.
  • Begin drafting SIGMA Success Profiles™ by gathering information on key competencies required for success in critical roles
  • Discuss talent and nominate potential successors.
  • Validate SIGMA Success Profiles™ and succession benches for each leader.
  • Discuss individual assessment and development plans for each candidate.
  • Determine objective metrics for measuring progress.
  • Build accountability into the process by assigning deliverables and milestones.
  • Deliver the knowledge, structure, and resources required to implement the plan.

What You Get

Succession Plan

A Comprehensive Succession Plan

Receive a detailed 12-month succession plan for each member of your leadership team.

Tools & Templates

Tools and Templates

Get access to SIGMA’s succession planning templates and customized resources tailored to meet your needs.

Full-Service Consulting

Full-Service Consulting

SIGMA’s experts take care of all the data analysis and reporting; no homework required.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

SIGMA’s consultants follow-up with you throughout the year to ensure your team is accomplishing milestones and has the tools you need to succeed.

Why Work With Us?

Data-Driven Methodology

Our tools, templates, and exercises are built using a data-driven methodology. This ensures decision-making processes are both objective and standardized.

Employee Engagement

Expertise and Experience

With decades of industry experience and holding PhDs in IO psychology, SIGMA’s team brings a unique mix of expertise to every succession planning engagement.

Cultural Leaders


No two organizations are the same. SIGMA’s solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs, culture, and strategic objectives of each client.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“This went above my expectations. I am already working on how to implement [my succession plan].”

— Jen Kilman, Omron Management Centre of America

How Do We Compare?

Common alternatives to succession planning include replacement hiring and contracting executive search firms. Both are reactive approaches that typically cost organizations up to three times as much as the succession planning process with SIGMA.

Replacement Hiring
$80,960 + 172 hours

Executive Search
$48,000 — $58,000

Succession Planning
$20,000 + 6 hours

The ROI of Succession Planning with SIGMA = 140% – 305%

Ready to Get Started?

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This case study follows the vice president of human resources (VP of HR) at a mid-sized tech company, who is tasked with creating a formal succession planning process. The VP weighs three options: creating a new plan on her own, using existing templates, or hiring a consultant. After reviewing the pros and cons of each approach and considering her available resources, one option clearly stands out for its long-term efficiency and effectiveness above the others.