The Need for Succession Planning

Due to a variety of demographic factors, there is a heightened sense of urgency for organizations to focus on succession planning to lessen risk and stay competitive.

Despite this urgency organizations continue to delay making succession planning a priority. As a result they struggle to simply keep up with everyday, organizational demands.

SIGMA can help with our Succession Planning Launch Series. This series efficiently delivers everything you need without sacrificing your ability to focus on more immediate priorities.

What is SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series?

Through 2 interactive workshops, we work with your leadership team to build an actionable Succession Implementation Plan.

In the first (half-day) workshop we focus on learning about your specific organizational needs and gathering information to help build your detailed Succession Implementation Plan including:

  • Nominating your Succession Advisory Team
  • Documenting your current Succession Planning process
  • Identifying Critical Roles to help determine focus moving forward
  • Determining what objective metrics you currently have in place

We work with your team before and after the session to prepare a detailed Succession Implementation Plan that will serve as the foundation for Workshop 2.

During the second (full-day) workshop we:

The goal of SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series is to deliver knowledge, structure, and resources that you need to independently implement a robust succession planning process. Many organizations find that our facilitated sessions are helpful for maintaining accountability and momentum with the process. As such, we offer optional supplementary workshops to support you with the development and implementation processes.

At $9,500 (plus travel), our Succession Planning Launch Series is the simplest way for you to build a robust Succession Planning process to ensure your organization’s leadership is positioned for success and prepared for the unknown.

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