Plan for the Future With Our Custom-Made Succession Planning Course

Succession planning is a necessary strategic process for organizations of all sizes. However, many companies operate without a plan for their future. That’s why SIGMA has designed simple succession products to get you started. If you’re looking to build a succession plan that is custom-designed to fit your needs, our Launch Series succession planning course was made for you. Our sessions are flexible to meet your needs. We offer in-person and online services that will bring your leadership team together to create a plan that will work for your organization.


What is SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series?

SIGMA’s Launch Series is an engaging succession planning course delivered by our expert consultants. Through two interactive half-day sessions, our experienced consultants will work with your leadership team to build an actionable succession plan that meets your company’s goals. For more information, see the video below.


Video Transcription


Meet Alex. Alex works at a company where many of the leaders are nearing retirement. This means they are at risk of losing decades of knowledge and experience. Alex is tasked with creating a Succession Plan to help his company prepare for the future and develop talent from within.

Timing is critical and a plan needs to be put in place as soon as possible.

Alex is quickly overwhelmed. An effective Succession Plan needs to consider many factors including the company vision, critical roles, talent assessment, development plans and more. How can he create a plan within the required time?

Fortunately, Alex finds SIGMA. SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series helps companies develop a custom-made, comprehensive succession plan in as little as 6 weeks.

The process is simple. SIGMA brings Alex and his advisory team together for just two sessions. In the first session, SIGMA’s succession planning consultants help Alex and the Succession Advisory Team identify critical roles and draft success profiles. In the 2nd session SIGMA helps his team assess individual development needs and outline steps to groom talent and measure progress.

Within a few weeks, SIGMA delivers the custom succession plan, detailing the steps that need to be taken for the year ahead.

Alex now has everything he needs to implement the plan on his own, but he knows that competing priorities might make it difficult to stay on task. So, Alex continues to work with SIGMA to implement the Succession Plan, which holds the team accountable to meeting their objectives.

Before long, Alex’s company is implementing their Succession Plan and seeing results. Each critical role has multiple succession candidates, talent discussions are an ongoing part of leadership meetings, and succession candidates are making progress toward development goals.

Since 1967, SIGMA has helped thousands of organizations just like Alex’s develop their people potential. SIGMA can help you build your company’s customized succession plan quickly and effectively. Visit to get started today.



Launch Series Course Objectives

The Launch Series takes advantage of our six-step succession planning process to:

  • Accomplish 6 months of work in just two consulting sessions
  • Provide an excellent way for you to evaluate the value SIGMA will bring to your succession planning process with minimal cost and commitment
  • Deliver a detailed 12-month succession plan in just 4 to 6 weeks


Succession Planning Course Agenda

Session One

In the first (half-day) session of this course, we focus on learning about your specific organizational needs and gathering information to help build your detailed succession plan including:

  • Nominating your succession advisory team
  • Documenting your current succession planning process
  • Identifying critical roles to help determine focus moving forward
  • Developing draft success profiles for each leader
  • Developing draft succession benches for each leader’s team
  • Determining what objective metrics you currently have in place

We then work with what we’ve learned to prepare a customized succession plan for each member of your management team including a detailed project plan for each stage of the succession process.

Session Two

In the second session, we collectively review, critique, and analyze the succession plan to:

  • Reinforce the urgency of succession planning using staff metrics, hiring activities, and retirement eligibility data
  • Validate draft success profiles and succession benches by leveraging perspectives from multiple leaders
  • Develop assessment and development plans for successors
  • Build accountability into the process by assigning deliverables and milestones
  • Deliver the knowledge, structure, and resources you need to successfully implement and manage a robust succession process


The Succession Plan becomes a living document and will form the foundation for managing your process, providing accountability, and measuring progress.


Cost: $15,000



If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please reach out to our consultants below. We’re always happy to tell you more about our succession planning offerings and how we can help your team plan for the future.



Ready to Start Succession Planning?

SIGMA’s Launch Series is a great place to begin. In just two sessions, we will work with your leadership team to build a succinct succession plan that meets the needs of your organization.

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