Succession Planning, Custom Made

Succession planning is a necessary strategic process for organizations of all sizes. However, many companies operate without a plan for their future. That’s why, at SIGMA, we’ve designed simple succession products to get you started. If you’re looking to build a succession plan that is custom-designed to fit your needs, our Launch Series was made for you. Our sessions are flexible to meet your needs. We offer in-person and online services that will bring your leadership team together to create a plan that will work for you.

The Launch Series takes advantage of our structured process to:

  • Accomplish 6 months of work in just two sessions
  • Provide an excellent way for you to evaluate the value SIGMA will bring to your Succession Planning Process with minimal cost and commitment
  • Deliver a detailed 12-month Succession Plan in just 4 to 6 weeks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our succession planning services are currently being offered online. Contact us today to find out how our online solutions can help your company create a custom succession plan tailored to your needs.

What is SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series?

Video Transcription

The Succession Planning Launch Series was developed to help our clients get succession done. The Launch Series delivers custom succession plan for each member of your leadership team in just four to six weeks. Think of that for a minute, imagine the relief of finally having a succession plan in place just a month or six weeks from now. The even better part is it requires less than eight hours from your executive team.

So how do we accomplish this? The Launch Series is delivered in two half-day workshops. In that first workshop what we do is we gather information. We learn about your company to help build a detailed succession plan, including documenting your current succession planning process or lack thereof, identifying critical roles to help determine to focus moving forward, developing draft success profiles for each of your leaders, developing draft succession benches for each leader’s team and determining what objective metrics you currently have in place so that we can circle back a year from now to evaluate whether your succession process is successful or not. In the midst of this we’re generating buy-in from your executive team and really getting their commitment to this process moving forward.

In the second session we come back with a detailed draft succession plan for each member of your leadership team, we validate those succession profiles and succession benches by levering those perspectives that we have around the table, all of those leaders that we have in the room, develop assessment and development plans for each of the successors that you’ve nominated. Really importantly we build accountability into the process by assigning deliverables and milestones again to every leader in the room.

The idea of this workshop also is to deliver the knowledge, the structure and all the resources that you need to successfully implement and manage a robust succession process moving forward. This succession plan that we deliver essentially becomes a living document that will form the foundation for managing your process, providing that accountability that we talked about and measuring progress on a bi-annual or annual basis.

Let’s be honest, there’s still work to do, succession planning is an ongoing process, however the detailed Launch Series will provide a step-by-step plan and make it as simple as possible for you to implement and finally get succession done.

Look, I don’t need to convince you of the importance of succession planning but again let’s be honest, there’s still a little or big piece of you that’s dreading this a little bit. If so, the Launch Series was designed for you. We have a proven process where we do all the heavy lifting for you, take away all that dread and deliver a robust and dynamic succession plan in just four to six weeks, leaving you the time to focus on the challenges of the day and essentially getting succession done as we said. Call us to schedule your launch series, let’s get started. And we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Through two interactive sessions, our experienced consultants will work with your leadership team to build an actionable Succession Plan that meets your company’s goals.

Launch Session One

In the first (half-day) session, we focus on learning about your specific organizational needs and gathering information to help build your detailed Succession Plan including:

  • Nominating your Succession Advisory Team
  • Documenting your current Succession Planning process
  • Identifying Critical Roles to help determine focus moving forward
  • Developing Draft Success Profiles for each leader
  • Developing Draft Succession Benches for each leaders team
  • Determining what objective metrics you currently have in place

We then work with what we’ve learned to prepare a customized Succession Plan for each member of your management team including a detailed project plan for each stage of the process.

Launch Session Two

In the second session, we collectively review, critique and analyze the Succession Plan while:

  • Reinforcing the urgency of Succession Planning using staff metrics, hiring activities, and retirement eligibility data
  • Validating draft Success Profiles and Succession Benches by leveraging perspectives from multiple leaders
  • Developing Assessment and Development Plans for successors
  • Building accountability into the process by assigning deliverables and milestones
  • Delivering the knowledge, structure, and resources you need to successfully implement and manage a robust Succession Process

The Succession Plan becomes a living document and will form the foundation for managing your process, providing accountability, and measuring progress.

Ready to Get Started?

At SIGMA, we want to help you create a succession plan that meets your needs. Visit our Simple Succession Template Guide, downloadable templates, and helpful videos for more valuable resources. Contact us to learn more about our succession planning offerings and how we can help your company plan for the future.

Glen Harrison Vice President  of Sigma Assessment Systems