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Choosing a career path can be an overwhelming and intimidating task. With so many jobs and industries to consider, it can be difficult to narrow your search and find a role that fits your interests, skills, and career goals.

At SIGMA, we understand the importance of choosing the right career for you. That’s why we have created a series of career assessments to help you make the right choice. Our assessments are valid, accurate, and supported by science. We use real-world workplace scenarios to develop our items, and have created interactive reports with helpful resources to guide you in your career search.

Career Assessments

Jackson Career Explorer

The Jackson Career Explorer (JCE) is a 20-minute career interest test that’s designed to guide students and career changers toward fulfilling careers. The JCE report provides in-depth career information for 30 different job groups, 17 education groups, and a ranking of 34 basic interests and work personality preferences.

Career Assessments

Jackson Vocational Interest Survey

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is a 45-minute career interest assessment that’s designed to help students and career changers find the best career path. Test scoring generates a gender-fair profile of 34 basic interest scales which encompass a variety of occupations and work styles.

Career Assessments

Career Directions Inventory

The Career Directions Inventory (CDI) is a 30-minute career path test that’s designed to facilitate educational and career exploration for students, career-planning adults, and career changers. The CDI is a flexible and cost-effective tool that can be used in a variety of fields including business, professional, service, and technical fields.

Career Assessments

Ashland Interest Assessment

The Ashland Interest Assessment (AIA) is a 35-minute occupational test that’s specially designed for individuals with educational, physical, or cognitive barriers to employment. The AIA consists of 144 pairs of work-related scenarios, helping test-takers decide which activities they are most interested in.

Why Use Career Assessments?

SIGMA’s assessments provide science-backed evidence that you can use to inform some of the most important decisions in your life. Our assessments can be used to:

  • Uncover potential
  • Identify strengths
  • Guide development
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Inform decisions around education and development
  • Provide a foundation for career progression

Career assessments are powerful tools for personal development. Whether you are an individual or an organization, you can use our assessments to make better decisions. Each of SIGMA’s assessments has been scientifically developed and industry tested. That means you can trust your results and be confident that you are getting the most out of your career assessment.

Let us help you design a better future for yourself

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