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Hiring the right person can be a daunting task. Finding candidates who have the best combination of knowledge, skills, and personality traits to ensure success in the position and fit within your organization is challenging. When it comes to hiring a new employee, we understand the importance of getting the right person for the job. At SIGMA, we use science-based assessments that have been validated with research evidence and are trusted by HR professionals in a range of industries. We pride ourselves on developing employee selection assessments that will help you find the right candidate the first time.

Explore our pre-employment assessments below:

Pre-Employment Assessments
Select Assessment for Leadership Development – SIGMA Assessment Systems

Leadership Skills Profile – Revised™ Selection

The Leadership Skills Profile – Revised™ Selection (LSP-R Selection) is a 25-minute personality-based employee selection test that uses advanced algorithms to create a profile of a candidate’s expected performance in up to 50 leadership competencies.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Employee Screening Questionnaire – 2

The Employee Screening Questionnaire – 2 (ESQ2) is a 15-minute pre-hire assessment tool used to identify the best candidates during the early stages of the hiring process. It measures a number of characteristics that have been linked to dependable and productive employees.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Personnel Assessment Form

The Personal Assessment Form (PAF) is a 15-minute pre-employment assessment that’s designed to identify candidates who can quickly learn, make sound decisions, communicate effectively, and think on their feet.

Pre-Employment Assessments

SIGMA Survey for Security Officers

The SIGMA Survey for Security Officers (SSSO) is a 30-minute pre-employment screening test that assesses security officer job applicants. The SSSO uses job-specific questions to identify candidates who can use sound judgement in security situations, can comprehend legal documents, and write credible incident reports.

Pre-Employment Assessments

SIGMA Survey for Police Officers

The SIGMA Survey for Police Officers (SSPO) is a 35-minute pre-employment test that screens job applicants for the role of a police officer. The SSPO utilizes job-specific and face-valid questions to determine whether candidates possess the skills needed to exercise sound judgement in police situations.

Why use pre-employment assessments?

SIGMA’s pre-employment assessments provide science-backed evidence that your organization can use to identify the most qualified candidates for the job by measuring characteristics such as job performance, cognitive ability, and personality. Benefits include:

  • Gaining insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Lowering recruitment costs
  • Accurately predicting candidate job performance
  • Promoting an unbiased hiring process

Let us help you select the best candidates

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