SIGMA Survey for Police Officers




35 minutes

Test User Qualifications:
Fax-in Scoring
Sample Report:
Sample Report

Who Should Use the SSPO?

  • Law enforcement agencies wanting to hire officers who understand the role, have sound judgment skills, and who are most likely to excel in a law enforcement role
  • Paper-and-pencil administration and fax-in scoring

What is the SSPO?

Police officers are often faced with difficult situations that require them to make sound decisions quickly. The SIGMA Survey for Police Officers (SSPO) is an objective, reliable pre-employment assessment for screening job applicants for the position of police officer. The SSPO uses job relevant, face valid questions to identify candidates with the cognitive skills necessary to use sound judgment in police situations, show good comprehension of legal documents, and write credible incident reports.

Why Should I Use the SSPO?

STRONG PREDICTOR OF JOB PERFORMANCE. Accurate incident reports often serve as crucial court evidence in the administration of justice. Research has found that the SSPO distinguishes between job candidates who can and cannot prepare satisfactory incident reports. The SSPO also measures general cognitive ability, which has been found to be one of the best predictors of job performance for virtually all jobs. More effective than resumes, education, references, or interviews.

PREDICTS TRAINING SUCCESS. Research has also shown that measures of cognitive ability, such as the SSPO, predict success in police training programs.

CONVENIENT. The SSPO takes 35 minutes to complete. Results are available within 15 minutes using SIGMA’s convenient fax-in service. Answer sheets are faxed to SIGMA, scored electronically, and a report is returned by fax.

SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT. Questions were carefully selected to be job relevant and face valid. The use of job-relevant content in screening tests is more likely to be resistant to legal challenge and perceived by applicants as a fair assessment for the duties required on the job.

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The SSPO is available for fax-in scoring. An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below. A detailed pricing list can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

SSPO Startup Costs
US PricingCanadian Pricing
Fax-in Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, 1 SSPO Reusable Test Booklet, and 10 SSPO fax-in answer sheets
$ 328$ 406

SSPO Per Test Cost

US PricingCanadian Pricing
Fax-in Scoring answer sheets$ 28$ 35

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