Succession Planning Template Library 

To complement our Succession Planning Services, we have developed a library of valuable templates and tools that will support your organization’s Succession Planning initiatives. For a complete printable version of the succession planning templates and to learn more about our effective succession planning process, download our Succession Planning Guide below for instructions.


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Succession Planning Template

Succession Planning Tool Description

Critical Roles Identification Questionnaire The Critical Roles Identification Questionnaire is a succession planning worksheet that will help you to identify those key roles that your organization should target in your succession program.
Success Profile Template The Success Profile is a succession planning worksheet designed to describe the talent needed for success in a critical role.
Succession Nomination Survey Template The Succession Nomination Survey is a simple succession planning tool that can be used to identify which candidates to consider for succession into the critical roles you identified in phase one.
Succession Bench Template The Succession Bench Template is used to evaluate the overall readiness of your succession candidates for a role.
Candidate Succession Profile Template The Candidate Succession Profile Template is designed to identify gaps between the requirements for a role and the potential candidate being developed for that key position.
Individual Development Plan Template The Individual Development Plan is a two-part worksheet that outlines a succession candidate’s goals, action plans, and milestones for their growth and development.
Talent Progress Scorecard Template The Talent Progress Scorecard allows you to review the outcomes of your succession plan across several important indicators.
Succession Planning Template Our succession planning template will walk you through what is required at each stage of the succession process along with some helpful tips to get you started.
Succession Planning Checklist The succession planning checklist is a quick measure of the maturity level of your succession plan and what areas need to be improved.
Succession Planning vs Replacement Hiring Checklist The succession planning vs replacement hiring checklist will help you identify if your organization is engaging in strategic long-term planning or settling for a quick fix.
Succession Planning Software Our succession planning software is a valuable tool for executing your succession plan by helping you track, analyze, and manage the performance of your high-potential employees.


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Determine which roles your organization should target through its succession program.

Identify critical roles for succession planning
Build success profiles for talent development


Describe the talent composition required for each critical role today and in the future.


Choose candidates for each critical role through a nomination survey.

Nominate succession candidates
Assessing succession planning needs


Summarize each candidate’s talent profile and identify gaps to target through development.


Prepare development plans for candidates and track their development activities.

Measure Progress
Measuring Progress


Measure the impact of your succession plan.

Need Help Getting Started?

SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series offers a simple and cost-effective way to build a robust succession planning process and ensure your organization’s leadership is positioned for success and prepared for the unknown. Contact us to learn how we can deliver a full-year, custom succession plan for each member of your leadership team in just two half-day workshops.