“Are You Engaging in Succession Planning?” Checklist

Avoid Replacement Hiring

Use this Succession Planning vs. Replacement Hiring Checklist to find out how successfully your company is using succession planning.

When asked about their succession planning process, many companies think they’re on track. This is likely because they are able to fill vacancies when they arise. However, replacement hiring is the not the same as succession planning. Succession planning takes a long-term approach to talent management, whereas replacement hiring is reactionary and occurs only when there is an immediate need. So, we’ve put together a Succession Planning vs. Replacement Hiring checklist that will help you identify if your company is engaging in strategic long-term planning, or settling for a quick fix.

  • Are you truly engaging in strategic and sustainable long-term planning, or just pursuing a quick fix? While approaches to succession planning vary, they tend to take a longer-term perspective than replacement hiring, while focuses on filling vacancies as they arise. Find out if your succession plan has matured beyond replacement hiring with our quick and simple checklist.
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    0-6: Heavy reliance on replacement hiring

    Implement succession planning to adopt a long-term focus

    7-13: Demonstrates need for improvement

    Consider how your company can be more strategic in its succession planning

    14-20: Mature plan with few adjustments required

    Focus on further developing plan for long-term success

    Regardless of your score, SIGMA can help. Our Succession Planning Launch Series takes only two half-days of your time, and delivers a comprehensive full-year implementation plan for each member of your executive team. Find out more about our Succession Planning Launch Series.

Click here to learn more about the differences between succession planning and replacement hiring.


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How SIGMA Can Help

At SIGMA, we want to help your company be more effective and proactive with a good succession plan. For more information on our Succession ProcessLaunch Series , or Succession Planning solutions, contact us and learn more about how we can help your organization develop your next generation of talent.

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Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Brittney is a member of our coaching and consulting team. She brings her expertise in evidence-based practice to provide companies with leadership solutions that meet their needs. Primarily, Brittney helps her clients prepare for their future with succession planning and comprehensive leadership development programs. As an executive coach, she helps leaders hone their skills using a process-based approach to development.