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Focus on individual leadership development needs through one-on-one executive coaching sessions with our experts. Focus on team-building and group leadership strategies to realize organizational potential through team and group coaching sessions.

Decades of academic research shows that leader behavior can be distilled into two main components: Interpersonal Skills and Technical/Task Skills. Our coaching programs are designed to enhance and develop skills and abilities in both these critical areas through assessment feedback and coaching discussions.

Our Approach

Our leadership coaching framework addresses the following components:


Using assessments, we help leaders explore what they should continue to do (strengths) and what they need to do differently (developmental areas).

Identify critical roles for succession planning


We facilitate the leader’s discoveries about what they need to do differently, and have a candid discussion about their motivation and readiness for change.

Build success profiles for talent development


This phase focuses on equipping leaders with the tools and skills they need to do things differently.

Nominate succession candidates


During this final phase, we discuss strategies the leader can use to sustain their change in behaviour over the long term.

Assessing succession planning needs

Coaching Packages

We offer several coaching packages for both individuals and teams, ranging from brief sessions to extended programs. Ask us about our coaching packages to find the one that will achieve your objectives.

Build on the strength of your leadership.

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