To complement our leadership development products, we have developed a series of leadership handouts. As they are developed, we will continue to add them to this page.

There are two tests in particular that measure these skills: the Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) and the SigmaRadius 360 Degree Feedback. Our Leadership Series Handouts provide additional information about what is important about the skill, how you can improve it, and resources to watch, read, or listen to.

Below you will find the complete listing of our competencies as well as the links to the handouts (if available). Contact SIGMA if you are interested in receiving one that is not available currently. Visit this page periodically to discover more.

Available Handouts

SigmaRadius 360 Degree Feedback Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) Leadership Skills Handout Availability
Achievement and Motivation Achievement and Motivation Download: Motivated Leaders Attract Motivated Talent
Ambition Ambition
Analytical Orientation Analytical Orientation
Assuming Responsibility Assuming Responsibility
Attracting Staff Attracting Staff Download: Great Leaders Attract & Retain Top Talent
Business Acumen
Client/Customer Focus
Communication Communication Download: Great Leaders Communicate
Conflict Management Conflict Management Download: Great Leaders Manage Conflict
Creativity Creativity Download: Great Leaders are Creative
Decisiveness Decisiveness Download: Great Leaders are Decisive
Delegation Delegation Download: Great Leaders Delegate
Demonstrating Understanding
Dependability Dependability
Desire to Learn Desire to Learn Download: Great Leaders are Learners
Developing/Coaching Others Developing/Coaching Others Download: Great Leaders Develop Others
Emotional Control Emotional Control Download: Great Leaders Have Control
Emphasizing Excellence Emphasizing Excellence
Facilitating Teamwork Facilitating Teamwork Download: Great Leaders Build Great Teams
First Impression First Impression Download: Great Leaders Make a Good First Impression
Flexibility Flexibility Download: Great Leaders are Flexible
Formal Presentation Formal Presentation Download: Great Leaders Are Great Presenters
Overall Effectiveness General Leadership Effectiveness
Independence Independence
Inspirational Role Model Inspirational Role Model
Integrity Download: Great Leaders Have Integrity
Interpersonal Relations Interpersonal Relations
Involving Direct Reports Involving Direct Reports Download: Great Leaders Involve Direct Reports
Listening Skills Listening Download: Great Leaders Listen
Monitoring and Controlling Monitoring and Controlling
Motivating Others Motivating Others Download: Motivating Your Team
Negotiation Negotiation
Objectivity Objectivity Download: Great Leaders Stay Objective
Open-Mindedness Open-Mindedness Download:Great Leaders Are Open-Minded
Operating Upwards
Organizational Spokesperson Organizational Spokesperson
Organizing the Work of Others Organizing the Work of Others Download: Great Leaders Organize Work
Persuasiveness Persuasiveness Download: Great Leaders Lead with Persuasion
Productivity Productivity
Risk Taking Risk Taking
Self-Discipline Self-Discipline Download: Great Leaders Exercise Self-Discipline
Self-Esteem Self-Esteem Download: Great Leaders Have Self-Esteem
Sensitivity Sensitivity Download: Great Leaders are Sensitive
Short-Term Planning Short-Term Planning Download: Great Leaders are Goal-Oriented
Social Astuteness Social Astuteness Download: Great Leaders are Socially Astute
Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Download: Great Leaders are Strategic
Technical Orientation Technical Orientation
Thoroughness Thoroughness Download: Great Leaders are Thorough
Valuing Diversity
Vision Vision
Work/Life Balance