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  • Leaders or potential leaders who would like to gain insight into their current strengths and development opportunities
  • Organizations looking to incorporate a scientifically valid assessment with their existing strategic or HR policies, including talent management programs, high-potential development plans, or succession planning processes
  • Managers and HR professionals who want to provide focus and structure to their leadership development and executive coaching programs

What is The LSP-R Focus?

The LSP-R Focus is a personality-based assessment of leadership skills that is useful for guiding employee and leader development efforts. The LSP-R Focus is built on years of rigorous development efforts and validation research. When paired with the benchmarking option, it provides a flexible experience, allowing you to choose which traits to include in your report. As a result, you get a customizable test that provides personalized advice for test takers. Our user-friendly report will guide leaders to focus development efforts on those competencies that have the greatest potential to become strengths.

Why Should I Use The LSP-R Focus?

Convenient Administration. The LSP-R can be completed in 25 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform, with reports available immediately upon completion. When paired with the benchmarking option, this assessment allows you to identify in advance those leadership competencies that are most critical for effectiveness in your organization and generate a report that includes information on only those competencies.

User-Friendly Report. The LSP-R Focus report simplifies leadership development by clearly identifying those traits that will be more efficient for an individual to focus their efforts on, while remaining flexible enough for leaders to choose their own development priorities. This report format includes an easy-to-use development guide to support either self-directed or coaching-augmented leadership development.

Powerful and Robust. The LSP-R uses the latest science on leadership theory and personality measurement to provide your organization with a valid, reliable measure of leadership potential. For a high-level review, the leadership competencies are sorted into four broad categories. This allows you to not only consider potential on individual competencies, but to also review an individual’s scores on Cognitive, Interpersonal, and Senior Leadership Skills, as well as Personal Leadership Qualities.

Superior Development. The LSP-R items were carefully chosen from a pool of over 4,700 personality items, drawing on content from three of SIGMA’s seminal assessments: the Personality Research Form (PRF), Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPIR), and Survey of Work Styles (SWS).

LSP-R Focus Report

The LSP-R Focus Report provides a powerful leadership solution by narrowing the number of traits offered for development. Rather than highlighting an individual’s lowest scores, this report identifies those areas that leaders can realistically develop to quickly strengthen their day-to-day performance and provides opportunities for leaders to choose their own development priorities.

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Leadership Skills Profile-R Focus
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  • Includes: 1 LSP-R test administration; 1 LSP-R Focus Report; account set-up; and technical support



How do I order?

Ordering the LSP-R is a quick and easy process. First, please complete an application form to get approval for your online account. Once approved, you will receive an email with your login information. From there, you may log in, purchase the test, and begin administration immediately.

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