The Leadership Skills Profile – Revised (LSP-R) is a scientifically-validated assessment that uses a collection of personality traits to predict performance on competencies critical to effective leadership in your position. When completing the LSP-R Focus assessment assessment, you will receive this user-friendly report that presents your results and provides you with your results and provides tools and techniques to help you develop your leadership competencies.

LSP-R Focus Report PDF

LSP-R Report Contents

  • Page 1 – Snapshot
  • Page 5 – Focus Activities
  • Page 7 – Taking Action
  • Page 9 – Customized Content
The snapshot section of the LSP-R report


The Snapshot gives a summary of scores, with competencies ranked from highest to lowest. This helps people to identify their strengths and development opportunities.


  • High scoring competencies, at the top, are strengths
  • Lower scoring competencies, at the bottom, are development opportunities
  • In between, there is a blue shaded zone that represents the myZONE – these are the optimal competencies for development
LSP-R Focus Sample Report

Focus Activities

This section of the report presents a series of brief activities to narrow your myZONE competencies to a myFOCUS competency for development.


  • Evaluate your my3 against a set of organizational and job criteria to identify those competencies youwill have the resources to develop and leverage in your work.
  • Fill in your my3 competencies in the table below. Indicate [] the criteria that are met by each. Total the number of checkmarks per competency.
  • Enter the myFOCUS competency that has the highest total in the space provided.
The Taking Action section of the LSP-R Focus report

Taking Action

The Taking Action section of the LSP-R Focus report guides you through identifying actions and enhancing awareness to aid in competency development.


In the space provided, enter your myFOCUS competency and indicate corresponding actions or behaviors that you will STOP, START, and CONTINUE. Plan how you will engage in each behavior, and set a goal for when you’d like to have each completed.

The Taking Action section

Customized Content

This section of the report provides you with personalized, detailed feedback for each competency.


In the pages that follow this section of the LSP-R report, customized feedback is provided that can provide insight into how your personality may be affecting your leadership. The structure of the feedback consists of two components: Relationship and implications of your score, and guidance on how to improve.

Assess Your Leaders with the LSP-R Focus Assessment

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