LSP-R™ Administrator’s Guide

The LSP-R™ Administrator’s Guide provides an overview of the LSP-R assessment and demonstrates how to use the Focus Report to create development plans. Download the guide below to kick-start your team’s talent development process today.

LSP-R Administrator’s Guide Agenda

  • Review & Discuss Results 
  • Focus Activity 1 
  • Focus Activity 2 
  • Action Plan 
  • Next Steps

If the group you are taking through the LSP-R has no managers, supervisors, or mentors apart from you, and you may not be able to coach them all yourself, SIGMA can help! We offer group and individual coaching and would be happy to support your team as they implement their development plans.  

We also offer 1-hour Lunch and Learns. These online, group training sessions are convenient, practical, and engaging. They focus on developing a particular competency (i.e., communication).

Evaluate Your Leaders with the LSP-R Focus Assessment

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