LSP-R™ Psychometric Summary

The LSP-R™ is a personality-based leadership assessment designed to identify and develop top leadership talent. Since the original version was first published in 2003, thousands of leaders have completed the LSP. The LSP-R leverages this data in combination with client feedback to provide an optimized test-taker experience and a more powerful report. 

Download the psychometric summary to learn more about how the LSP-R was developed, and why it is a valid and reliable tool you can trust.

Summary of What Has Changed

  • Expanded Coverage – The LSP-R now covers 50 dimensions of performance, adding 9 new leadership competencies.
  • New Item Content – Personality scales have been revised to strengthen measurement properties.
  • Shorter Administration – The LSP-R can be completed in 25 minutes, shortening the administration time by 15 minutes
  • Better Prediction – We’ve leveraged decades of validation data to improve predictions made by the LSP-R.
  • Construct Validation – LSP-R competencies have been found to predict relevant workplace behaviors
  • Norms – The LSP-R will compare candidates’ results to an interim norm group.
  • Updated Reports – Reports have been enhanced to make it easier than ever to interpret and leverage results.

Develop Leader Competencies with the LSP-R™

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