What is SIGMARadius 360 Degree?

SIGMARadius is a 360 leadership assessment that collects feedback from multiple perspectives on a leader’s abilities. Designed to build and develop essential leadership competencies. Ratings are drawn from leaders, colleagues, and direct/indirect reports and then combined with self-ratings to provide different perspectives on the individual’s leadership performance.

SIGMA’s customized solution allows you and your team of experts to select only those leadership competencies that align with your position, function, or organization from among the full set of 51 leadership competencies.

Who Should Use the 360 Degree Leadership Assessment?

  • HR professionals and organizations looking to implement leadership development and high potential programs
  • Identifying and developing candidates for talent management and succession planning initiatives
  • Equipping leaders with feedback on competencies to initiate learning and development as part of an executive coaching program
  • Enhancing self-awareness and identifying strengths and developmental priorities

Why Should I Use the SIGMARadius 360 Degree Feedback?

COMPREHENSIVE FEEDBACK REPORT. The SIGMARadius 360 Degree Leadership Effectiveness Report includes specific comments provided by your raters, action steps for development, and references to key readings. The report presents feedback in a way that is easy to navigate and understand with summary charts and detailed profiles. The Development Guide is a complementary resource designed to help leaders interpret results, leverage strengths, and build on development opportunities. The guide contains activities to create a practical, sustainable leadership development plan.

SIMPLE SETUP AND ADMINISTRATION. The 360 Leadership Assessment is available online at SIGMARadius.com. The participating leader can drive the entire process for a purely developmental approach, or an administrator can select leaders and their raters, track the status and progress of the feedback process, and generate the report. Results are presented using snapshots, skills summary charts, category scores, profiles, and rater comments in a format that is insightful and easy to understand.

SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT. SIGMARadius was founded on a well-respected, comprehensive model of leadership behavior. Our researchers and psychologists extended this framework by conducting a detailed analysis of executive leadership behavior using 360 degree ratings from more than 1,700 raters. The result is a fine-tuned, 360 degree leadership assessment that encompasses 51 dimensions of leadership behavior.

CUSTOMIZABLE. Customize your SIGMARadius 360 degree feedback process by determining which SIGMARadius competencies best match your organization and leadership roles.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Our team is always available to answer your questions and assist you in managing your 360 degree feedback process. Or, as an alternative, we will do all the heavy lifting and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Leadership Coaching

Review your 360 degree results with one of our coaches in order to get the most out of your 360 leadership assessment. Coaches work with leaders to enhance their self-awareness and understanding. Leaders will get a better understanding of what they need to continue to do to leverage their strengths and what they need to do differently to address developmental priorities.

Leaders receive useful tools and resources to improve their leadership skills at work, and in life. Visit our leadership coaching page for more information.


SigmaRadius is available for online administration and scoring. An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below.

SigmaRadius 360° Startup Costs
US Pricing Canadian Pricing
Online Scoring

  • Includes: 1 SigmaRadius 360 Degree test administration, SigmaRadius.com account set up, and technical support
$239 $280

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