SIGMARadius is a multi-rater feedback survey of leadership effectiveness. Now that you have completed the assessment and received your Leadership Effectiveness Report, you have information to direct your leadership development.

This development guide consists of a series of activities to narrow the focus of your leadership behavior development. Once your target behaviors have been identified, you will be guided through the process of creating your individual development plan. 

SIGMARadius 360 Degree Development Guide – Sigma Assessment Systems

SIGMARadius Development Guide Activities

This guide contains templates for 5 activities including:

  • My5
  • MyFocus
  • MyPlan
  • MyResult
  • MyBoost
Page 2 in the SIGMARadius Assessment
My5 fillable section of the SIGMARadius Development Guide – Sigma

In this section, you’ll fill in your 10 lowest scoring leadership behaviors in the space provided. In the case of a tie, select the behavior that resonates most with you or is most relevant to your job. Identify your my5 by reviewing my10 Development Opportunities and asking yourself: What is the common theme? Mark the 5 leadership behaviors with the most commonalities. 

Page 3 in the SIGMARadius Assessment
MyFocus section of the SIGMARadius Development Guide – SIGMA

In this section you will fill in your my5 Development Opportunities in the table provided. Indicate which leadership behaviors are backed by organizational and job conditions that provide opportunities for leveraging the behaviors once developed. Total the number of checkmarks per behavior. Enter the myFOCUS leadership behavior that has the highest total in the space provided. 

Page 4 in the SIGMARadius Assessment
The myFocus section of the SIGMARadius Development Guide – Sigma

In the space provided, enter myFOCUS and indicate corresponding actions or behaviors that you will START, STOP, and CONTINUE. Specify how you will execute these actions and state a target date by which you will aim to complete these actions.

Page 5 in the SIGMARadius Assessment
The MyResult section of the SIGMARadius Development Guide – Sigma

Once you have finished executing myPLAN, it’s time to evaluate the results. In the space provided, describe your experience with developing your myFOCUS behavior according to the questions provided.

Page 6 in the SIGMARadius Assessment
The MyBoost section of the SIGMARadius Development Guide – Sigma

Moving forward, it can be helpful to begin to reinforce the new behaviors that you have developed from myPLAN. In the space provided, complete the three exercises that will help you describe your motivation for continuing to be aware of and seeking opportunities to practice behaviors that support your myFOCUS behavior 

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