Benchmarking and the LSP-R™

How to Measure What Matters Most to Your Organization

Last year, SIGMA announced the release of the Leadership Skills Profile-Revised™ (LSP-R), a comprehensive personality-based assessment that predicts leadership potential on 50 unique competencies. Now, we are pleased to introduce a new feature available for the LSP-R: benchmarking.  

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking allows you to customize your LSP-R Focus Report by narrowing the results to show only the most important competencies for a given position. This is helpful because the LSP-R is a comprehensive measure of leadership potential; it assesses all 50 unique dimensions of leadership from SIGMA’s Leadership Competency Framework. However, in some situations only a specific set of information may be required. Benchmarking allows you to focus on what matters most by reporting only those competencies that are most relevant to your organization, or to a given position.

Why Should I Use Benchmarking?

There are many different uses for the LSP-R, and there may be times when you want to learn about an individual’s potential across all leadership competencies. However, there are also times when a focused approach is more beneficial. For example, in a selection context it is important to look at candidates’ overall expected level of performance. However, it is also important to assess potential on specific competencies that are needed to perform the job well. Benchmarking can help you match position requirements to specific competencies, providing a more streamlined assessment.

How Do I Know Which Competencies to Measure?

If you would like to create a benchmark for your LSP-R, SIGMA’s consultants will work with your organization to create a customized list of competencies that meets your needs.

  • First, we will work with you to identify experts in your organization who have knowledge and experience in key positions.
  • Next, we will collect feedback from these experts using the Leadership Skills Benchmark Questionnaire – a tool that allows experts to rate the importance of each leadership competency for a particular role.
  • Finally, SIGMA’s consultants will analyze the results of these questionnaires and make recommendations for a benchmark based on survey responses and our industry expertise.

Together, you can be confident that your customized benchmark will contain those competencies that matter most.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to learn more about the LSP-R and how benchmarking can help your organization select and develop better leaders, contact us today.

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