6-Step Succession Planning Process

SIGMA’s 6-Step Succession Planning Process

The succession planning process is dynamic — as organizational needs change, the succession plan must evolve as well. It is important to consider how employee aspirations and talents can be aligned with the internal and external environment of the organization.1 Robust succession management provides a roadmap for success, ensuring the necessary structure to support effective, efficient, and consistent communication and implementation throughout all levels of the organization.

Discover SIGMA’s 6-Step Succession Planning Process. This overview offers a high-level summary of the process, along with associated tools and templates. Each step includes a detailed walkthrough and links to download our free resources. Download the overview below:

Why Plan for Succession? 

Most organizations recognize the importance of succession planning, and yet more than 1 in 3 don’t have a plan. This can be costly. According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review (HBR), the S&P 1500 forgoes close to $1 trillion in market value each year due to poorly managed CEO and C-suite transitions. HBR estimates that better succession planning alone could help increase annual company valuations and investor returns by 20-25%. Unplanned succession often forces companies to hire externally, rather than benefiting from a well-developed internal talent pool and leadership pipeline to feed succession. SIGMA has worked with thousands of organizations across North America, and what CEOs consistently tell us is that they don’t plan for tomorrow because they can hardly keep up with the demands of today. Planning for succession certainly requires an investment of time and effort, which is why we’ve developed a practical and convenient guide to our succession planning methods that lead you through each stage of the process.

Download SIGMA’s Succession Planning Guide and begin creating your succession plan today.

SIGMA’s Succession Planning Process

SIGMA uses a six-step succession planning process. Each step has its own associated tools and templates. This easy-to-follow succession planning outline will help you understand how to use SIGMA’s six-step process to create a succession plan for your organization.

For more instructions as well as links to download SIGMA’s form-fillable PDF templates, click on the drop-downs below:

Identify Critical Roles

Build Success Profiles

Nominate Succession Candidates

Develop Talent

Develop Talent

Measure Progress

If you’re ready to get started, SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch can help you get off the ground. In only two sessions with your leaders, we’ll deliver a customized and comprehensive 12-month succession plan for each member of your leadership team. To learn more, explore our website or contact Glen Harrison below.


Speak with a Succession Planning Expert.

Glen Harrison is an organizational transformation consultant and succession planning expert. Over the course of his career, Glen has worked with one-third of the Fortune 500 list and with every level of government in Canada and the United States. Having worked with numerous clients to build robust succession plans from the ground up, Glen has extensive experience in the application of SIGMA’s products and services to help organizations realize their people potential.

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