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Identifying future leaders within an organization isn’t just about looking at the “next in line”; it’s about seeing the broader picture of talent and potential. SIGMA’s comprehensive approach to nominating successors expands the horizons of succession planning. By considering a wider range of internal, and sometimes external candidates, we create a dynamic, inclusive, and strategic approach to leadership development and organizational growth.

How it Works

SIGMA’s Succession Nomination service consists of four key steps:

  1. Identifying potential candidates: Across all levels and departments, SIGMA consultants cast an organization-wide net to evaluate both internal and external candidates.
  2. Engaging stakeholders: Inclusive discussions among leadership are facilitated by SIGMA to nominate and evaluate candidates.
  3. Applying structured tools: Surveys and succession bench templates are utilized to standardize and streamline the nomination process.
  4. Planning for the future: Long-term potential and evolving organizational needs are considered as part of the decision-making process.

Why Work With Us?

Navigating the complexities and challenges of nominating successors is a critical part of succession planning. At SIGMA, we specialize in this crucial step, having helped numerous organizations effectively master these inevitable challenges with confidence. Our expertise brings a nuanced understanding and a systematic approach to nominating successors, offering significant advantages to ensure your organization’s leadership transitions are seamless.

The benefits of partnering with SIGMA to nominate successors include:

  • Structured and objective evaluation: Without a structured approach, nominating successors can become subjective, influenced by personal biases or limited insights. SIGMA provides a systematic framework for evaluation, ensuring that candidates are assessed on a consistent set of criteria that align with the organization’s core competencies and values. This process increases objectivity and fairness in identifying potential successors.
  • Comprehensive documentation: A frequently overlooked aspect of succession planning is the diligent documentation of the nomination process. Failing to document this process can lead to confusion or misalignment in future succession decisions. With the use of our proprietary tools and templates, SIGMA’s consultants guide organizations in meticulously documenting the nomination process, creating a clear and transparent record that supports ongoing succession efforts and organizational learning.
  • Inclusive growth: A well-executed succession nomination process supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives by offering more individuals opportunities for development and advancement. This approach not only brings a variety of perspectives and experiences to leadership roles, but also fosters an organizational culture that values and promotes inclusivity. Through this method, talent that might otherwise be overlooked due to traditional succession practices is given a chance to shine, contributing to a more equitable and dynamic workplace.
  • Preparation for future needs: Anticipating and preparing for the future is a cornerstone of SIGMA’s succession planning approach. Our consultants are adept at identifying trends and navigating change in leadership roles and organizational dynamics. We recognize that the skills and competencies required for leadership can evolve over time, driven by changes in the market, technology, and workforce dynamics. By staying attuned to these developments, SIGMA ensures that your succession plan is strategically aligned with future challenges and opportunities. This forward-thinking approach allows organizations to develop leaders who are not only capable of steering the current landscape but are also equipped to navigate and lead successfully in the evolving future of the business world.

The SIGMA Advantage

At SIGMA, nominating successors means embracing a holistic, inclusive, and strategic approach to leadership development. Our expert consultants, holding PhDs in industrial-organizational psychology, bring a unique mix of academic knowledge and real-world experience to every succession planning engagement. Having worked with thousands of organizations across North America, our team has a profound understanding of the diverse and dynamic nature of today’s business landscape.

Data-Driven Methodology

Our tools, templates, and exercises don’t just standardize the process; they bring precision and clarity, underpinned by data.

Employee Engagement

Expertise and Experience

Utilize our team’s deep expertise in succession planning, honed by years of working across diverse industries and organizational structures.

Cultural Leaders

Customized Approach

No two organizations are the same. Our solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs, culture, and strategic objectives of each client.

Meet the Team


Erica Sutherland, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Erica completed her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational psychology at Western University. She is a Senior Consultant at SIGMA, where she delivers consulting services and Succession Planning solutions to clients. As a member of SIGMA’s executive coaching team, Erica works one-on-one with leaders to develop talent. She also brings her expertise in measurement and psychometrics to the R&D team, assisting with the development and validation of SIGMA’s many assessments.


Brittney Anderson, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Brittney is a member of our coaching and consulting team. She brings her expertise in evidence-based practice to provide companies with leadership solutions that meet their needs. Primarily, Brittney helps her clients prepare for their future with succession planning and comprehensive leadership development programs. As an executive coach, she helps leaders hone their skills using a process-based approach to development.

Arieana Thompson, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Arieana is a senior leadership consultant. She believes in positively transforming the modern-day workplace through thought-provoking, evidence-based insights. Arieana is a subject matter expert in executive leadership, succession management, wellness cultures, and employee growth. In her work at SIGMA, she supports executive teams with succession planning and leadership development and assessment.


Glen Harrison is an organizational transformation consultant and succession planning expert. Over the course of his career, Glen has worked with one-third of the Fortune 500 list and with every level of government in Canada and the United States. Having worked with numerous clients to build robust succession plans from the ground up, Glen has extensive experience in the application of SIGMA’s products and services to help organizations realize their people potential.

To support you in nominating successors, we offer various tools and resources, including: