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What is The LSP-R™ Selection?

The LSP-R Selection is a personality-based pre-employment screening test that uses advanced algorithms to provide a profile of expected leadership performance on up to 50 leadership competencies. It also provides a detailed analysis of each candidate, describing how their personality is likely to impact their performance. SIGMA’s benchmarking feature offers a flexible assessment experience by allowing you to choose which competencies to include in your report.

Who Should Use the LSP-R Selection Assessment?

  • Leaders and HR professionals who want to hire top-performing leaders and executives
  • HR professionals looking to identify potential factors that could lead to either career derailment or leader success
  • Organizations seeking scientifically-validated pre-employment assessments to include in their leadership selection and development programs

Why Should I Use The LSP-R Selection?

Practical. The Leadership Skills Profile-Revised Selection Report provides you with detailed narrative text describing the implications of a candidate’s personality on their leadership performance. We’ve created advice for 50 key leadership competencies, giving you more breadth of coverage and practical advice than other generic tools.

Convenient Administration. This leadership selection assessment can be completed in 25 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform, with reports available immediately upon completion. When paired with the benchmarking option, the LSP-R selection allows you to identify in advance those leadership competencies that are most critical for effectiveness in your organization and generate a report that includes information on only those competencies.

Custom Reporting. SIGMA’s custom reporting option allows you to narrow in on the leadership competencies that are most relevant to your organization. Create a personalized benchmark by determining those competencies critical for success in your organization from a subset of our 50 leadership competencies. This process allows you to align the content of your employee selection assessment with your company’s requirements.

Integrated. The Leadership Skills Profile-Revised Selection has the added advantage of being aligned with our LSP-R Focus Report and SIGMARadius 360 degree feedback system. Together, these flexible tools deliver a powerful, complementary leadership suite to aid in leader selection, training, and development programs.

Powerful and Robust. This employee selection assessment uses the latest data-driven science on leadership theory and personality measurement to provide your organization with a valid, reliable measure of leadership potential. For a high-level review, the leadership competencies are sorted into four broad categories. This allows you to not only consider potential on individual competencies, but also review an individual’s scores on Cognitive, Interpersonal, Senior Leadership Skills, and Personal Leadership Qualities.

Superior Development. The LSP-R Selection assessment items were carefully chosen from a pool of over 4,700 personality items, drawing on content from three of SIGMA’s seminal assessments: the Personality Research Form (PRF), Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPIR), and Survey of Work Styles (SWS).

LSP-R Selection Leadership Skills Categories

The LSP-R Selection competencies can be classified into 4 broad leadership skills categories:

LSP-R Selection Report Options

  • LSP-R Selection Report. The LSP-R Selection Report predicts performance on critical leadership competencies and explains, in detail, how the respondent’s personality will impact their leadership effectiveness.
  • LSP-R Upgrade (Selection + Focus). Get the most from the LSP-R by integrating your selection assessment with your development efforts. In our upgrade option, you get both the LSP-R Selection Report and the corresponding Focus Report. The LSP-R Focus Report provides a powerful leadership solution for individual development by narrowing focus onto those traits that leaders can realistically develop and offering personalized feedback based on their results.


The LSP-R Selection Assessment is available for online administration and scoring. An overview of startup costs is provided below.
Leadership Skills Profile – Revised Selection
US PricingCanadian Pricing
LSP-R Selection Online Scoring
Includes: 1 LSP-R test administration; 1 LSP-R Selection Report; account set-up; and technical support
$ 263$ 302
LSP-R Upgrade Online Scoring
Includes: 1 LSP-R test administration; 1 LSP-R Selection Report; 1 LSP-R Focus Report; account set-up; and technical support
$ 335$ 386

Ready to Assess & Develop Your Potential Leaders?

Ordering the LSP-R Selection Assessment is a quick and easy process. First, please complete an application form to get approval for your online account. Once approved, you will receive an email with your login information. From there, you may log in, purchase the test, and begin administration immediately.

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