Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale




25 minutes

Test User Qualifications:
Hand Scoring

Best For

  • Family and marriage counselors working with couples reporting issues related to gender inequality
  • Researchers and psychologists looking to measure attitudes related to gender inequality and sex roles
  • Classroom applications related to gender roles
  • Paper-and-pencil administration and hand scoring

What is the SRES?

The Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale (SRES) was developed to measure attitudes toward the equality of men and women and contains items that require judgments about both men and women assuming non-traditional roles. The SRES contains 95 items that are answered on a 5-point scale, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Empirical findings support the psychometric integrity of the SRES. It can be used for a number of applications including investigating factors contributing to sexual harassment, abuse, or domestic violence and assessing gender-based stereotyping and discrimination related to educational, career, or job opportunities. It is a valuable tool for researchers interested in group and individual differences in gender-role attitudes, evaluating social intervention programs designed to promote changes in sex-role attitudes, the clinical assessment of couples, and excellent classroom tool where gender-role issues are covered.

Why Should I Use the SRES?

VALID. Convergent and discriminant validity has been demonstrated via research results which repeatedly support the expected relationships between the SRES and other variables. For example, a correlation of .86 has been found between the SRES and an Attitudes Towards Women Scale (AWS), which provides support for convergent validity. The low correlations obtained between the SRES and the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), and the SRES and the Edwards Social Desirability Scale (ESDS) support the discriminant validity of this measure.

RELIABLE. Internal consistency reliabilities for the SRES have consistently been found to be high. In one college sample, alpha coefficients range between .83 and .97. A second college sample produced coefficients ranging from .82 to .87, and a third produced coefficients ranging from .83 to .90. In addition, test-retest and alternate form reliability have been uniformly high for this measure.

ALTERNATE FORMS. The SRES has two full version forms (B and K). They contain 95 attitudinal statements and take 25 minutes to complete. There are also two short forms (BB and KK). They consist of 25 items and take 10 minutes to complete.

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SRES Startup Costs
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Hand Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, 5 SRES Form B Question/Answer Booklets, and 5 SRES Profile Sheets
$ 95$ 108

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